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Healthcare Mapping: Behind the Scenes of Stratasan GIS

This post is the first in a  five-part series (I. Projection, II. Base Maps, III. Color Selection, IV. Symbology, and V. Legends) which will look at various GIS tools and methodologies utilized by Stratasan.

A Hospital By Any Other Name

Our team at Stratasan often receives strange questions from our clients. Because the depth of our data, the range of our content, and the power of our analytic engines, we can generate meaningful answers. This includes data driven answers to market branding. Just as we trust brands for cars, clothing, and insurance, hospitals are eager to earn patient’s trust in their brand.

Community Health Needs: Contrasting Access with Quality Care

Access to quality healthcare is a hot topic on both a national and local level. Many rural communities have a shortage of doctors while urban populations overwhelm the few providers accepting new patients. To better identify communities that are underserved, The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) annually lists the health provider shortage status of every US County.

Uninsured Approaching 50 Million Mark

The Census Bureau just released their latest report on the Uninsured.  Since 2000, the United States has added 13.4 million to the rolls of the uninsured for healthcare.  This is more than the population of Minnesota and Wisconsin combined.  Below, we have created a visualization of the impact of this trend.

Healthcare Services for Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is projected to hit North Carolina and maintain hurricane force winds all the way to New York City this weekend.  This area of the country is one of the most populated areas of the United States.  The storm’s projected path contains more than 60,000,000 people and 25,000,000 homes.  A little under 14 million are children.  In total, the area represents 302,587 square miles in our study analysis according to the Census and ESRI.

Medicare Market Share Analytics 2010

Recently, we had an opportunity to review the 2009 and 2010 Medicare Market Share Database from the Centers of Medicare Services.  Ordinarily, this might seem like a very tedious assignment, but using some advanced analytics from Stratasan, we were able to look at the data in some new ways.  Below are our findings from the data to get you to think about strategies to deal with Medicare today and in the future.

County Public Health Rankings Released

The new County Public Health Rankings report was released today.  This report is an example that where you live can have an affect on your personal health.  Your surroundings can influence your behaviors, but even more importantly is that your behaviors can affect your surroundings.