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Upcoming Stratasan Training Opportunities

Upcoming training opportunities just for our customers. Training takes place monthly and consists of two, one-­hour sessions over two days held from 11:00-­12:00 CST.

Upcoming Webinar: Integrating your CHNA into Strategy

Stratasan Training Opportunities

Stratasan has added some additional training opportunities that we'd like to make our customers aware of.

Outpatient Market Intelligence – Chasing the Unicorn

As a leading healthcare analytics company, we frequently get asked about outpatient market data. The questions go something like this…”We don’t want blackbox projections of outpatient data. We want actual market outpatient volume.” “We don’t want partial market claims data. We want actual market outpatient data.” “We don’t want to pay for claims data. What is another source for actual market outpatient data?”

Load-Balancing in a PHI World

This is the first in a series of engineering posts where we take a deep look at the technical underpinnings of Stratasan's analytics platform. We hope you enjoy and perhaps learn something! This does assume a technical background—consider yourself warned :)

We've built Stratasan's analytics platform atop of Amazon Web Services and are big fans of the offerings AWS provides. Our application and worker servers are EC2 instances, application data is stored in an RDS Postgres database, Blackbird results and Canvas PDFs are stored in S3 and our considerable collection of healthcare data is stored and queried from a Redshift cluster.

Achieving More with Less: Working Smarter, Not Harder


It might seem lke ages ago, but do you remember a time before e-mail?  There are likely some of you who can, and some of you who can't.


A Glance at Tapestry's New Look

As you know, the psychographic Tapestry Segmentation system Stratasan utilizes had a major overhaul when Esri released their 2014 datasets [You can find the specifics on these changes here]. The look and feel of the updated tapestries is better in every way. This superiority is true for both aesthetic and format. Let's look at an example of both of these below:

Healthcare Data Analytics Vendors: The Difference Between “Having Esri” & Actually Using GIS

Since its inception, Stratasan has been at the forefront of using mapping technology with the many forms of health data we use on a daily basis. Not surprisingly, our competitors have realized that consumers in the healthcare industry value maps as well. Many of the other data vendors in our industry have started using various Esri products since Stratasan arrived on the scene. These companies mention “having Esri” now, but if you look at their offerings and compare them to Stratasan's you will quickly realize there is a BIG difference between “having Esri” and actually doing Healthcare GIS work using Esri.

Hospital Service Area: Local Facilities

The technology team at Stratasan is on a never-ending mission to make Canvas a better tool for healthcare market researchers, hospital strategists, and other users. Often we release incremental improvements that are pushed out with little fanfare.

So this is a quick note to make sure you don't miss ne of the recent updates.

Stratasan's Demographic Data: [The Many Reasons] Why We Use Esri

One of Stratasan's most powerful assets is our demographic/psychographic data [Especially now that their Tapestry Segmentation was updated this year and is better than ever!]. Using this data in tandem with our state, federal, and proprietary datasets we create actionable healthcare market intelligence from the block group level to the national level. What you might not know is that this annual demographic/psychographic data comes from Esri, the market leader in both GIS software and data. Most of our customers know that we use Esri for our demographic and psychographic data, but not everyone knows why.