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Physician Relations: YOU are the Market Expert

by Tony Camarata

The relationship between physicians and provider facilities is impacting much of the changing landscape of healthcare. Physician Liaisons are the face, voice, and ears of this demanding effort. Tasked with building relationships that will drive growth and revenue, this position needs the support of directionally correct, objective data that can support and enhance their market  assessments. After all, as the Physician Liaison, you are the market expert.

Stratasan's SHSMD 2015 Recap: Python What?

The Stratasan team was thrilled to once again attend and participate in the annual Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) conference.

The 2015 SHSMD conference was themed "Bridging Worlds for the Future of Healthcare" and focused on healthcare being more nimble and entrepreneurial but also based in storytelling. The general sessions were from entrepreneurs and storytellers and there were nine tracks for the concurrent sessions. Stratasan's session was in the Analytics and Research track. All sessions related to the SHSMD document, Bridging Worlds, the Future of the Healthcare Strategist, essentially bringing that document to life with storytellers and presenters.

Community Health Needs Assessments, What's Next?

Join us for a webinar!

Friday, October 9, 2015

10:00-11:00 am (EDT)

2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

Last week on the blog we discussed the 2015 Esri User Conference. This week we are going to break down the second of our summer conferences the Esri Health and Human Services Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. Although it’s much smaller in size, it provides us with just as much useful information on the use of GIS in both the Public and Private healthcare spheres!

Upcoming Stratasan Training Opportunities

Upcoming training opportunities just for our customers. Training takes place monthly and consists of two, one-­hour sessions over two days held from 11:00-­12:00 CST.

Upcoming Webinar: Integrating your CHNA into Strategy

Stratasan Training Opportunities

Stratasan has added some additional training opportunities that we'd like to make our customers aware of.

Outpatient Market Intelligence – Chasing the Unicorn

As a leading healthcare analytics company, we frequently get asked about outpatient market data. The questions go something like this…”We don’t want blackbox projections of outpatient data. We want actual market outpatient volume.” “We don’t want partial market claims data. We want actual market outpatient data.” “We don’t want to pay for claims data. What is another source for actual market outpatient data?”

Load-Balancing in a PHI World

This is the first in a series of engineering posts where we take a deep look at the technical underpinnings of Stratasan's analytics platform. We hope you enjoy and perhaps learn something! This does assume a technical background—consider yourself warned :)

We've built Stratasan's analytics platform atop of Amazon Web Services and are big fans of the offerings AWS provides. Our application and worker servers are EC2 instances, application data is stored in an RDS Postgres database, Blackbird results and Canvas PDFs are stored in S3 and our considerable collection of healthcare data is stored and queried from a Redshift cluster.

Achieving More with Less: Working Smarter, Not Harder


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