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Taking The Guesswork Out of Practice Site Selection

By Lee Ann Lambdin

This post was first published in 2014 on Medical Practice Insider. Click here to see the original post.

When physician practices need to open a new office, they often pick a location based on gut instinct. They could get better results with mapping technology that helps ensure that the site selected is the ideal spot for increasing revenue and market share.

In site selection, there’s a vast amount of information to analyze — and most of it comes in the form of spreadsheets that don’t offer much clarity in the decision-making process. But when all that data gets integrated into Geographic Information System (GIS) software, you can “see” the data in a variety of ways to make smarter choices.

GIS mapping makes it easy to visualize anticipated population growth by zip code, census tracts and even block groups.

Here’s a breakdown of key data visualization tool capabilities.

Demographics: Key Considerations When Placing Urgent and Primary Care Clinics


With so much competition for patients among healthcare providers, picking a convenient, attractive spot for your new facility is crucial. As covered in an earlier post, we’ve considered six key factors for the successful placement of a new primary care or urgent care clinic. In this post, we will take a deeper look at the sixth consideration: demographics. 

If you are not targeting the right demographic for your clinic, all other considerations are essentially irrelevant. To look at it another way, all five of the other considerations are dependent upon demographics. It doesn’t matter how good parking is if the patients you are hoping to attract won’t come to that area. If your proposed clinic doesn’t have any competition, that could be because your competition is right in the heart of your target demographic while your location is outside the viable radius (or perhaps it’s the other way around).

6 Considerations for New Urgent and Primary Care Clinics

Strategic Planning and Site Placements

Picking the right location is a challenge for any hospital or health system looking to grow strategically through a new site placement. Coffee shop locations provide a simple, yet appropriate, illustration: A hip, new coffee shop serving delicious drinks is forced to close their doors after just six months because it was in the wrong geographic location and couldn’t generate enough business. Perhaps people didn’t bother trying it because it was too far “off the beaten path.” Or, potential customers found themselves stuck in traffic created by a line of cars waiting to turn into a popular café parking lot. Or maybe there were four other coffee shops within a square mile. Either way, you see the point: whether it’s coffee or medical care, people tend to make purchase decisions based off of location and convenience.

Finding Urgent Care Locations

We came across a tool (currently in beta as they are growing their database) built by Michael Barber to allow consumers to easily locate Urgent Care locations. It's a straightforward tool with some handy information helping to understanding Urgent Care and when it is appropriate to use them.