2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

Last week on the blog we discussed the 2015 Esri User Conference. This week we are going to break down the second of our summer conferences the Esri Health and Human Services Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this month. Although it’s much smaller in size, it provides us with just as much useful information on the use of GIS in both the Public and Private healthcare spheres!


GIS is helping organizations and communities everywhere better understand and improve human health. From examining environments to managing projects, GIS technology is being used to face today's changing world and advance health and human services across the globe. The Esri Health GIS Conference is an opportunity to join other health GIS colleagues to network, exchange ideas, and learn firsthand how geospatial technology is shaping global health.

Esri’s Health & Human Services Team

The Health and Human Services team’s goal is to modernize the approach to health and human services and transform the health of communities. Using GIS and various forms of data, they help blaze new trails in our industry. Some of these are how to prioritize spending, site service locations, and identify vulnerable populations. This leads to better outcomes for patients, stakeholders, and the public.

Like with the Esri product teams at the UC, Stratasan maintains a strong relationship with the Esri Health and Human Services team. Earlier this year the H&HS team welcomed a new leader in Dr. Este Geraghty who took over as Esri's Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Geraghty did a wonderful job with her first conference as well as providing the spark for many interesting conversations with many of our Health GIS peers.

While in Atlanta, we also got to catch up with another invaluable member of the H&HS team, Natalie Jung. Natalie is the H&HS team’s Marketing Coordinator, and has been a longtime Stratasan friend. At the conference we were able to discuss all that was going on in our respective healthcare worlds and lay the groundwork for some interesting ideas we may explore together in the future.

Healthcare GIS

A strong focus on healthcare, public, and private health at this conference meant we were able to explore the many ways GIS is being applied to solve problems, improve strategy, and increase productivity within the healthcare sphere. At the conference we were treated to many tech workshops, user presentations, a GIS solutions EXPO, a hands on learning lab, and countless opportunities to network with a wide variety of health GIS professionals.

In Conclusion:

As we left San Diego and Atlanta this summer, we were inspired and intrigued by many of the GIS tools and methods used by our healthcare GIS peers and the greater GIS community at large. Continuing our GIS knowledge and expertise is the cornerstone of Stratasan’s GIS department. By doing so we are able to provide the best solutions, products, support, and analysis to our customers.  As we head into the last part of 2015 we are looking forward to continuing the growth and evolution of Stratasan’s best in the business GIS offerings.

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