4 Reasons to Prioritize Strategic Planning Now (And Not In The New Year)

4 Reasons to Prioritize Strategic Planning Now (And Not In The New Year)

Jason_Haley2By Jason Haley
Vice President, Customer Success

One of the things I enjoy most about leading Stratasan’s Customer Success team is that I get to serve our healthcare clients in a variety of ways: as a champion, a cheerleader, a problem solver, and an advisor. In recent weeks, I’ve had a number of conversations about strategic planning and how it’s that time of year again. Surprisingly, I’m hearing that many teams aren’t ready to “get started” yet… much like I’m not quite ready for talk about pumpkin spice lattes, Thanksgiving plans, and holiday lights.   

Nevertheless, it’s time. Whether you are a part of a hospital / health system or an ancillary care provider, here are four important reasons you need to prioritize strategic planning today: 

  1. The healthcare market at large is dynamic right now. The entire industry is struggling with significant revenue losses stemming from COVID-19, crippling inflation rates, care-setting shifts, and changes to reimbursement models (among the many challenges facing providers). This means you quite literally can’t afford to wait until January to begin thinking about your goals for 2023 and how you’ll safeguard and grow your market share.

  2. Starting now encourages a year-round planning mindset and creates momentum going into the new year. While many people think of strategic planning as an occasional effort, the most effective strategic plans are living, breathing documents that are referenced regularly and guide an organization from January 1 through December 31. By beginning your strategic planning for 2023 now, you help ensure your organization is positioned to take on the new year from day one - with clear overarching goals and specific strategies leading you from quarter to quarter - building momentum as the year progresses and preventing late-year stagnation.

  3. By aligning your priorities at the highest level now, you leave more time to dive deep into specific strategies. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your strategic plan shouldn’t be either. By scoping and setting your high-level priorities now, you’ll still have the balance of this year to:
    • Solicit input/feedback from key stakeholders within your organization
    • Explore various tactical approaches to achieving your goals
    • Align your budget
    • Determine key milestones and how you’ll measure success
    • In short: Strategic planning now greatly benefits your healthcare organization by giving you a much longer lead time to curate and implement a thoughtful, success-oriented 2023 strategy.

  4. Your competitors are already thinking about their plan for 2023. No, I’m not trying to use peer pressure to convince you of the value of strategic planning now versus later. It’s simply a matter of best practice - and the fact that many of the most successful businesses plan early and methodically, so they can kick-off January with a bang. If you want to successfully compete - and even lead - in your market, now is the time to roll up your sleeves and consider the potential the new year holds. 


As you’re planning for the new year, don’t forget to keep your existing strategic plan up-to-date with new data. This makes it easier to determine the effectiveness of what you’re doing now and identify opportunities to extend and/or expand current initiatives into the new year. 

Regardless of your organization’s (or team’s) size, the benefits of starting your 2023 strategic plan now are clear. With so much disruption in health care at the moment, it may seem harder than most years to find the time and energy, but your effort will be well worth it. And Stratasan is here to help. Our talented team of healthcare strategists is ready when you are. Let’s connect today.

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