6 Ways to Create More Effective Presentations

6 Ways to Create More Effective Presentations

By Lee Ann Lambdin and Forrest Rich

How to present more insightful and strategic data-based findings.

When given the opportunity to present market insights, pitch new marketing ideas, or showcase progress updates regarding your growth-related projects, are you delivering presentations that tell the most compelling story possible? Or do you often find that your presentations fall flat and fail to achieve your intended outcome?

Equipped with the right method for creating impactful presentations, your meetings can effetively and clearly present the right information and achieve your desired results. If your presentations are not clear, easy to interpret, and readily facilitating productive conversations, then this white paper is for you.


As a strategic planner in healthcare, you have the opportunity to sway the thoughts and opinions of your executive teams and upper-level management with compelling presentations. If you're ready to knock your next presentation out of the park, download this white paper today.

This white paper outlines 6 tactics for telling a better story with data:

  • Get your leadership onboard with your initiatives
  • Create brief, well-informed, and visually appealing presentations to clearly communicate your insights
  • Learn how to more quickly sift through data to determine the most important information

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