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[Infographic] The Startling Effects of the Opioid Epidemic

Top 3 Reasons People Don’t Visit the Doctor

4 Ways to Identify Service Line Opportunities

Does Your Organization Really Value Physician Relations? A SHSMD 2018 Session Recap

SHSMD 2018 Session Summary: An Agile Strategic Planning Process Inviting Diverse Team Participation, Coalition Building, and Open Collaboration

Data-Driven Marketing: A SHSMD 2018 Recap

Pop Culture Trivia Quiz: SHSMD 2018

Top 7 Seattle Destinations to Explore While at SHSMD 2018

Make the Most of SHSMD 2018: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Time

6 Steps to Conducting an Effective Physician Needs Analysis

Intern Insights: An Inspired Season of Life Lessons, Coding Tips, and Strategic Analysis

3 Steps to Healthcare Digital Marketing

Innovative Solutions to the Healthcare Revenue Crisis

How to Rock Your Next Strategy Meeting

How to Create Healthcare Marketing Plans Based on Real-Time Intelligence

The Top 3 Mistakes Healthcare Analysts Make

Bad Maps, Bad Maps, What’cha Gonna Do?

How to Thrive as an Independent Hospital in Challenging Healthcare Times

How-To Guide: Defining Your Service Area

[Infographic] The Crazy Statistics of Fireworks and the 4th of July

The Inside Story on State and All-Payer Claims Data

Environmental Assessment Checklist

Best Practices in Physician Relations

A Guide to Untangling the Complexities of State and CMS Databases

Elevate Your Physician Referral Strategy

Best Practices in Physician Relations Sales Planning, ROI Measurement, and Results Tracking

Seeding our Future: Stratasan’s Internship Program

CMS to Make Medicare Advantage Data Available

Takeaways from the Innov8rs Conference, March 2018

[Infographic] Making Meetings Better

True or False: Physician Referrals Are Affected by Distance

Founder's Perspective: Innovation through Collaboration with Client Partners

Foster Physician Alignment and Uncover Opportunities for Growth

7 Steps to a Sustainable, High-Impact Patient Experience Model

Stratasan's Demographic Data: [The Many Reasons] Why We Use Esri

Helping Hospitals Grow Using Data

Spring Forward and Your Health Could Suffer [Infographic]

Quiz: How Strong is Your Strategic Planning Process?

A Roadmap to Switching Analytics Partners

5 Tips for Better Brainstorming

A Template for Strategic Growth Planning

[VIDEO] Launch Pathway: Your Visual Intelligence Platform

Founder's Perspective: 3 Ways Our Company Culture Ensures “We’ll Figure It Out”

Recognize the Impact of Your Growth Strategies in Real Time

Fostering Innovation: Creating a Workplace Culture Open to Change

12 Productivity Tips for Busy Healthcare Professionals

Top 5 Most Popular Strategic Growth Blog Posts of 2017

Founder's Perspective: 2017 Reflections

Quiz: How Strong is your Data QA Process?

Focusing on the Job to be Done

4 Health Systems with Exceptional Marketing and Social Media

5 Ways to Increase Organizational Alignment: It Starts with Data

True or False: Patients Go to The Hospital Closest to Them

Mapping Software: Find the Right Fit for Your Team

3 Things Healthcare Strategic Planners Need to STOP Doing, ASAP!

Best Practices: Measuring Physician Relations Success

Demographic Data: From Commodity to Strategic Planning Asset

7 Marketing Tactics Healthcare Providers Need to Consider in 2018

SHSMD 2017 Session Summary: Successful Implementation of your Ambulatory Strategic Plan

The Best Exhibit Booths at SHSMD 2017

Karaoke at SHSMD 2017: Song Recommendations and Advice for Killing It On Stage

Five Surprising Lessons from SHSMD 2017, Day One

Top 5 Nightlife Destinations at SHSMD 2017 Orlando

SHSMD 2017 Session Summary: Facilitation Bootcamp for Healthcare Strategists

Make the Most of SHSMD 2017: 5 Tips to Maximize Your Time

Founder's Perspective: Attending SHSMD Connections

How to Achieve Maximum Patient Retention

Avoid the Consequences of a CHNA Failure

Intern Insights: Ellie Wood and Abbey Miles

Annual Growth Planning: Track Progress and Measure Success

Healthcare Analysts are in Short Supply

Live Facilitation of Strategy Meetings

Taking The Guesswork Out of Practice Site Selection

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 6: The Remaining Potpourri of Tapestry LifeModes

Storyboards: Drawing Inspiration from Pinterest

A Straightforward Approach to Avoiding Patient Loss

Overcoming Consolidation Challenges for Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Planning

Success Story: Switching to an Outside Partner When Your In-House Multi-State Data Process is Failing You

Founder's Perspective: Scaling Culture

Why Physician Relations is all about Managing Leakage and Keepage

6 Ways to Create More Effective Presentations

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 5: Diversity in the City

Founder's Perspective: New Product, New Office, New Outlook

Developing Our New Software: Why We Love React, Redux, and Django

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 4: Life in the City

5 Key Considerations for Hospital Service Area Growth

Launch Pathway vs. Tableau

Your Market Share is Increasing - So What?

Leading Change in Healthcare

Big Data or The Right Data? Why Hospitals and Healthcare Systems Should Focus on Data Relevant for Strategic Growth

Pro Tips for Presenting Market Data Visualization to Any Audience

How to Strategically Manage Analyst Overload and Master Your Work Queue

Healthcare Analysts are in Short Supply: How to Overcome the Challenge

6 Ways to Create More Effective Presentations

The Art (and Science) of Defining a Service Area

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 3: Tapestry Segmentation and Wealthy Urban and Suburban Populations

Tracking Physician Referrals: Why Lengthy Wait Times for Specialist Referrals Should Affect Your Strategy

Top 5 Popular Strategic Growth Blog Posts from 2016

A Comprehensive Approach to Service Line Growth: Recorded Webinar

Integrating a CHNA into Your Strategy: Recorded Webinar

Avoid These 4 Pitfalls When Choosing a Healthcare Strategic Growth Partner

Seven Ways to Get the Most Out of Your CHNA

5 Considerations When Vetting Healthcare Analytics Partners

A Comprehensive Approach to Service Line Growth: Product Line Toolkit Webinar

5 Key Considerations for Hospital Service Area Growth

How to Drive ROI: Creating Marketing Campaigns that Work

The Data Doesn't Lie: Things Data Will Tell You That Doctors Won't

Demographics: Key Considerations When Placing Urgent and Primary Care Clinics

Confident Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django, part 4

Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 2: Targeting Older (40+) Rural Populations

5 Takeaways from SHSMD 2016

Confident Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django, part 3

Stratasan’s Data Processing Services: A Strategic Growth Focus

An Intern's Insights: My Summer at Stratasan

Social Media and Healthcare: Which Hospitals Are Doing it Right?

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Time at SHSMD

Confident Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django, part 2

Know Your Customer Like Never Before: Stratasan and Tapestry Segmentation

Increase Marketing ROI: Use Data to Focus Your Outreach

Confident Asset Deployments with Webpack & Django, Part 1

6 Considerations for New Urgent and Primary Care Clinics

8 Steps to Successful Strategic Growth Planning in Healthcare

Healthcare Marketing: 5 Tips on How to Make Better Use of Your Marketing Budget

Avoid Healthcare Map Missteps by Properly Using Legends, Titles, Scale Bars, and Sources

How to Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions: The Secrets of the DIKW Pyramid

Best Practices for Physician Recruitment and Data Sensitivity

3 Takeaways on the State of Healthcare in D.C.

Hospital Pay Cuts: Breaking Down the HAC Scoring System

Best Practices for Managing Not-for-Profit Tax Requirements

Jackpot! Why Winning the Lottery Won’t Change Our Data

Physician Relations: YOU are the Market Expert

Stratasan's SHSMD 2015 Recap: Python What?

2015 Esri Health & Human Services GIS Conference

Load-Balancing in a PHI World

Achieving More with Less: Working Smarter, Not Harder

A Glance at Tapestry's New Look

Healthcare Data Analytics Vendors: The Difference Between “Having Esri” & Actually Using GIS

Hospital Service Area: Local Facilities

Stratasan: An Intern Experience - Chelsea Derer

2014 Tapestry Segmentation Data: Why We're Excited

For-Profit Hospital's Medicare Top 100 DRGs - Analyst Study

Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data: Physician and Other Suppliers

Hospital Market Share: ZIP Code or County?

94% of Social Media Users Agree to Share Health Data

Webinar: Comparative Hospitals

Young Invincibles Are No-Show for the Party

Introducing: Hospital Market Share Dominance Maps

What Drives Market Share? Distance Matters!

Can your Smart Phone Manage Chronic Diseases?

Community Health Needs Assessment - Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

Calculating Adjusted Market Share - accounting for services not offered

Medicare Use Rate Trends by State

Poverty and Health Insurance Update

2012 Medicare Statistics

The ABC’s of Medicare (and D)

Finding Urgent Care Locations

5 Forces Driving Hospital Consolidation

What’s Going on inside the Heart of Cardiac Services?

The Art (and Science) of Defining Service Areas – Part 2

Hurricane Sandy Affected Hospitals

Healthcare Effect - Hurricane Sandy

For Halloween: The Most Feared Question on Schedule H Form 990 Part V Community Health Needs Assessment, Question # 7

Bad Maps: Apple's Map App and Poor Cartographic Design

Hospital, Meet Your Community. Community, Meet your Hospital.

How GIS Helps the Future of Healthcare

Legends, Titles, Scale Bars, and Sources in Healthcare Mapping

The Health Datapalooza

Healthcare Visualization: Symbology

April-May State Data Releases

Healthcare Data Availability: March & April

County Health Rankings 2012: Obesity in America

Healthcare Visualization: Effective Use of Color

Breaking Down Healthcare Cost in America

Healthcare Mapping: Behind the Scenes of Stratasan GIS (Part II) - Base Maps

Healthcare Mapping: Behind the Scenes of Stratasan GIS

A Hospital By Any Other Name

Community Health Needs: Contrasting Access with Quality Care

Uninsured Approaching 50 Million Mark

Healthcare Services for Hurricane Irene

Medicare Market Share Analytics 2010

County Public Health Rankings Released

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