Founder's Perspective: Attending SHSMD Connections

Founder's Perspective: Attending SHSMD Connections

By Jason Moore


We are gearing up for The Society of Healthcare Strategy & Market Development’s annual conference (SHSMD Connections 2017). This will be our seventh consecutive year to participate and this year’s conference will be held in Orlando, FL, a city and state that is top of mind for us right now in the wake of Irma.

I've been reflecting back on how far Stratasan’s involvement in this conference has grown since our first year attending. Over time, we have increased in capacity, objectives, and number of participants.

SHSMD has always been the most important annual conference for Stratasan. Not only is it the biggest healthcare strategy conference nationwide, the speaker themes, trainings session topics, and attendees are all inline with our wheelhouse of expertisehealthcare marketing and strategic planningwhich makes it the perfect opportunity for us to network and learn.  

My first time at SHSMD was in 2010 when I attended solo to learn more about the industry and get a better understanding of the market. Now, seven years later, I will be attending with the largest group of Stratanauts yet, and with the highest expectation for networking and developing our client relationships.

When Stratasan started attending as a company in 2011, we began with minimal involvement. No booth presence, only a few planned clients meetings; we were there just there to soak it all in. But as the company has grown, so has our involvement in the conference. We are now regular sponsors of the tote bags which are given out to every attendee, we’ve upped our booth presence and prospective client giveaways, and we’ve had members of our team attend as session speakers for the past three years. Lee Ann Lamdin, our SVP of Healthcare Strategy, has been a huge asset to our team’s success, education, and growth at SHSMD. Having led our speaking presence, she’s spoken on a variety of topics. A favorite was one done in partnership with LifePoint Health titled "Building Physician Referrals with Analytics and Best Practice Sharing.“ You can get a taste of what they shared in that presentation by watching this webinar recording.

One of my favorite things about SHSMD is the primary focus on education. This year, we will be taking one of our Senior Health Analysts, Morgan Atkins, to attend an all day education program—the Facilitation Bootcamp for Healthcare Strategists. I am also looking forward to the collective learning that comes from time spent with our partners face-to-face. My personal goal for SHSMD is to get that personal face time with clients so I can better understand their goals and needs and foster stronger relationships too.

I am excited to get to Florida with my team and our clients and use the opportunity to learn, grow, and most of all to connect. The Stratanaut attendees will be writing about the conference during our time there, so keep an eye out for new blog posts during that week.

Until next time,

P.S. If you will be attending SHSMD, please stop by booth #200 and spend some time with our team! See below for who will be in attendance. 

Jason-Moore-150x150.jpg Lee-Ann-Lambdin_150x150-(2).jpg Drake_Edited-150x150.jpg Morgan-Atkins-150x150.jpg Sean-Conway150x150-1.jpg

Pictured from left to right: Jason Moore, Lee Ann Lambdin, Drake Jarman, Morgan Atkins, Sean Conway



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