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Gain Unprecedented Access to Patient Data: Physician Patterns Update

Posted by Ashley Graham on Aug 9, 2017 9:12:52 AM

An Inside Look and What It Means for Your Growth Strategy

By Ashley Graham

As you may know, Stratasan recently updated our Physician Patterns application with referral relationships based on full-year 2016 Medicare data. This long-awaited update means you will have complete access to the most current patient data, giving your team a major competitive edge over other physician relations outreach programs in your service area.

  • Analysts who regularly work with physician data will enjoy the behind-the-scenes look this post will give into all that was involved in this data update.
  • Those of you who focus on business development and strategic planning will be excited to discover how this data update can positively impact your growth strategy.
  • Physician Relations Reps, data is the foundation upon which your entire outreach strategy lives or dies. You will appreciate how this update will give you the most current patient data available.
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Your Market Share is Increasing - So What?

Posted by Ashley Graham on Mar 21, 2017 11:36:26 AM

Why It’s Critical to Analyze Multiple Market Factors For True Growth Insight

By Ashley Graham

Imagine this scenario: You’re a strategic planner for a healthcare organization, and you discover that your facility has gained market share in your service area. Excited, you put the trended market share into a colorful graph and show it to your executive team.

“Great! So what?

On the surface, this may seem like an odd question. Increased market share is desirable, right?

Well, probably, but by asking ourselves “so what,” we can see that more than just trended market share is needed to provide true strategic value.

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