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Marking the Trends in Physician Recruitment and Relations

Posted by George Sackllah on Mar 29, 2022 9:10:19 AM

How to Readily Identify Opportunities for Growth and Expansion

By George Sackllah

The dynamics of physician relations are perpetually changing. For now, there’s a seeming shift in priorities as a generation of physicians are placing a greater emphasis on work-life balance and are less drawn to running their own practice. Additionally, as more Boomers reach retirement age, many are seeking options to transition out of full-time practice. Physician liaisons need insight and support as they work to navigate these discussions, track patterns that will inform their conversations, and build mutually beneficial relationships with up-and-coming physicians. In this post, we’ll discuss in more detail these physician trends, and how physician liaisons and those in business development can be better equipped to keep pace with the changes.

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