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Gain the Upper Hand in Competitive Pricing and Payer Negotiations

Posted by Rebecca Groner on May 21, 2019 9:56:11 PM

A Look Behind the Curtain at Stratasan’s APCD Payment by CPT Code Report

By Becca Groner

For many hospitals, competitor payment information can be complex to decipher due to a lack of access to clear, aggregated payment data. Because of this, many of our partners lack the insight they need to effectively navigate preferred payer negotiations and service line expansion efforts. Often, teams don’t have access to actual reimbursements beyond Medicare and EMR data. This means they don’t have the critical intelligence they need, which can be derived from all-payer claims data (APCD).

In this post, we’ll discuss why hospitals need a better solution, why APCD provides helpful insight, and what steps strategic planners can take to access this critical intelligence.


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Quiz: Uncover Tools to Support Your Growth Opportunities

Posted by Rebecca Groner on Feb 13, 2019 10:19:24 AM

Identify How Stratasan’s Software Can Most Effectively Meet Your Needs

Is your team equipped with the right tools to analyze data and execute your strategic plan? Do you have access to the expertise you need when looking to identify growth opportunities? Take this short quiz and identify which tools and services can improve your team alignment and promote strategic thinking.

With this quiz you'll receive:

  • Immediate feedback about which of Stratasan's software and services are the right fit for your needs
  • Answers about where to turn for improved data intelligence
  • Insights about how to more effectively align your team and see growth results
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Tags: strategic growth, strategic planning, data analysis, healthcare strategic planning, hospital strategic planning

How to Rock Your Next Strategy Meeting

Posted by Rebecca Groner on Aug 21, 2018 10:45:20 PM

Create Stress-Free, Data-Based Presentations

By Rebecca Groner and Tony Camarata

When you’re on a roll in the middle of a presentation, but get interrupted by a clarifying question—or realize you forgot a slide—you wish you could go back in time to fix it. Making sure all the right information is in your presentation is a difficult task in of itself, but the stress and anxiety that can come with presenting data to the C-suite can create an extra barrier to presentation success.

In this post, we discuss how to more effectively engage your team in strategy meetings and how to integrate new features available in Storyboards to do so. We’ll provide insight into why we designed these updates and how they work together to take the stress out of strategic planning presentations.

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Tags: strategic positioning, healthcare strategic growth, healthcare strategic planning, hospital strategic growth, presentations, data presentation, live meeting facilitation, storyboards, strategy meeting

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