The Best Exhibit Booths at SHSMD 2017

The Best Exhibit Booths at SHSMD 2017

By Lee Ann Lambdin


While there is definitely a focus on education at SHSMD Connections 2017, this conference also presents an opening for more than 100 companies from across the country to connect with knowledgeable healthcare professionals and discuss opportunities for partnership. For companies looking to gain visibility, establish vital relationships, and position their products and services in front of healthcare strategy leaders, SHSMD is known as the place make it happen.

With a sold out exhibit floor, it’s worth the effort to find creative ways to stand out from the crowd. After a day and a half of pursuing the conference halls and taking a peek at what each exhibitor has to offer, here is a list of the best booths at SHSMD 2017:

  1. Best game: Ten Adams. Cornholewho doesn't love throwing bean bags into a small hole from far away? A surefire crowd pleaser, Ten Adamsa healthcare branding, marketing, and advertising agencywon big with this booth attraction.
  2. Best place to rest: Reach Local. A digital marketing solution, Reach Local, knows how to invite a crowd to sit, relax, and stay a while. Their booth provided couch seating in front of a "fireplace" and tops the experience off with free coffee and cookies.
  3. Best giveaway: Daniel Brian Advertising (DBA). Free books! As a liberal arts major, this is something I can definitely get behind. DBA gave away the book titled Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in aDigital Age, written by DBA’s CEO and Chief Strategy Officer, Daniel Brian Cobb. While I haven't read it yet, any company that gives away a book is OK in my book.
  4. Best giveaway runner up: Clockwise.MD. Chocolate is always a good idea. End of story!
  5. Best dressed: PMSI. The photo speaks for itself!Best-Dressed
  6. Best artwork: Vicki Lucas, LLC. As Women’s Health Management Consultants, the display at their booth makes a lot of sense. They showcased a Rosie the Riveter look alike cartoon. She portrayed both beauty and power.
  7. Best buzz: Revive Health. This booth generated some great buzz thanks to their astroturf and interactive touch screens.
  8. Best place to recharge your batteries: Stratasan. We can’t miss an opportunity to toot our own horn a bit! The free massage chair at our booth was such a hit, we just might have to bring it again in 2018.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking to maximize your chance for facetime in front of 1,400+ healthcare professionals, then consider booth space at next year’s SHSMD Connections. Once your space is reserved, go the extra mile to create an inviting, eye-catching, and memorable booth for attendees. It will be worth the effort and could lead to a few additional connections, simply because you made the effort to stand out.

P.S. Interested in some good reading to occupy your travel home from SHSMD? Check out this post: 6 Ways to Create More Effective Presentations.



Article by Lee Ann Lambdin, SVP of Healthcare Strategy for Stratasan 

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