Founder's Perspective: Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

Founder's Perspective: Celebrating Our 9th Anniversary

Reflections on How We Began and How Far We’ve Come

By Members of the Stratasan Team

Every May, our team sets aside time to celebrate. During this month nine years ago, Stratasan was officially established as a company. Our annual celebration looks a bit different this year. We can’t gather off-site as a team. Instead, we look towards the fall as a time for some much-needed face-to-face conversation and merriment. For now, we’ll raise a glass together digitally and share a few words about how far we’ve come and how grateful we are for the team we have today. Please enjoy the reflections below, shared by long-time members of our team.


“From the first day, the thing I have enjoyed most about Stratasan is the people I get to work with. As we’ve grown, I’m very happy to say that we’ve been able to keep the same cultural DNA that Jason Moore introduced from the start: valuing kindness, generosity, and seeking to understand. When we first introduced our core values to the team, they were not values that we conjured out of thin air: they were simply a reflection of what we already saw in our colleagues.

Right now is a crazy time. We, as a company and a nation, are living in the shared experience of a very clear Before and After. Right now, we have no idea what the After is going to look like. However, I can’t think of a better group of humans to have on my side as we figure things out."

- Brian Dailey, Founder & CTO

“I remember CEO Jason Moore walking me to the elevator after my interview with him and CTO Brian Dailey. He asked me when I could start! It was early August 2011, and within two weeks, I had packed up my life in Ohio, made the drive back to Nashville, and was in the office as Stratasan’s first hire. Being a part of Stratasan from the get-go has truly been an honor. From the beginning, Jason and Brian always fostered a culture where every voice matters and a workplace where everyone is equal. I remember how much that meant to me and realizing how special our team was when friends told me about their workplaces. It may sound cheesy, but Stratasan is family. We are close friends who really care for each other. These values are not limited to our internal team, either. We genuinely care about our clients. I’m lucky to know so many of them as friends! After nine years, I can honestly say there’s never been a better time to be a part of Stratasan! I’m grateful to have been here for the journey."

- Jason Haley, VP Onboarding, Training, & Support
Team member since August 2011

“When Jason and Brian offered me the first Health Analyst position at Stratasan 8+ years ago, I am sure none of us could have imagined the journey ahead. I certainly could not have. I actually was not sure I was being interviewed for a job until the conclusion of our introduction back in October 2011. The themes of that meeting in the single room office at the Litterer Laboratories building have helped fuel our growth over these nine years: dream big, start small, tell a story, and prioritize relationships. I couldn't have imagined the essence of our conversation would later be captured in Stratasan's Core Values that are exhibited by the 50+ "Stratanauts" who I get to work alongside every day. Thank you to all the Stratanauts who have contributed to our shared success in the last nine years and for the next nine years to come.”

- Tony Camarata, VP Strategic Solutions
Team member since December 2011

“Seven years ago I was offered an internship at Stratasan while working on a golf course in Alabama. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted how impactful that moment would have been on the rest of my life. I came on as employee number 13 with no experience and for some reason the company took a chance on me for which I will be forever grateful. I have been so fortunate to wear several hats and gain experience I would have never had the opportunity to otherwise. It has been such a fun ride to watch Stratasan grow and I feel honored to have taken part in it. Much of this company's success is attributed to the people and culture. I truly enjoy working with every individual and consider myself lucky to be a part of Stratasan.”

- Morgan Atkins, VP Products & Innovation
Team member since December 2012

“I was working as a Planning Consultant for Saint Thomas Health when I was approached with an opportunity to join the Stratasan team. As the seventh employee, I was joining a company that was so new. It was a risk, leaving a large, established organization, and the provider work I knew so well. But it was clear that Stratasan had something special, even then. Stratasan was forward-thinking, bold, and free of the ‘it’s always been done this way’ line of thinking. Without a doubt, my move to Stratasan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The people—both employees and customers—are what make the difference. It’s always been my hope to do work that contributes to making healthcare better. I feel that my work at Stratasan does just that. I’m so proud to be a part of this team.”

- Lee Ann Lambdin, SVP Strategic Advisory Services
Team member since June 2012


We don’t take lightly the culture we’ve worked hard to establish at Stratasan. It keeps our team united in a special and unique way. It’s reflected in our people and in the words of some of our earliest employees. It extends beyond our downtown office (and home office) walls and into our customer interactions and conversations. It’s who we are and who we want to be for everyone who comes in contact with our team.

To our many wonderful customers, thank you for joining us over the past nine years. We look forward to our shared future and to many exciting years to come! Cheers!

Article by Members of the Stratasan Team

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