Elevate Your Physician Referral Strategy

Elevate Your Physician Referral Strategy

Use the Right Data to Stay Competitive and Optimize Physician Outreach

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.00.30 PMWhether it proves to be an opportunity or a curse, one thing is certain; today’s healthcare providers are living in interesting times. The US healthcare system is facing a monumental physician shortage due to population growth, an increase in the number of aging Americans, and the retirement of practicing doctors. Additionally, despite increased medical school enrollments over the last half decade, the physician shortfall is projected to grow to 100,000 by the year 2030, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Concurrent to these headaches has been the onslaught of big data—seen by many as a potential elixir to a myriad of problems, and seen by others as merely a new conundrum. 

One thing is certain: hospitals and health systems have never had a more urgent need for accurate, actionable intelligence—especially with regards to fostering and maintaining their physician relations to drive strategic growth.

In this paper, we’ve targeted our analysis to the resources and strategies available to best leverage data in driving physician referral networks. With a deeper understanding of the various datasets and resources available, hospitals and health systems can gain valuable insights—not only into physician relations strategies, but also to overall competitive landscapes. By harnessing these insights, strategic planners can develop targeted strategies to maximize operational efficacy in their respective markets.

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