How to Drive ROI: Creating Marketing Campaigns that Work

How to Drive ROI: Creating Marketing Campaigns that Work

Mass marketing, shotgun marketing, spray and pray marketingcall it what you like, but if your marketing strategy can be described in any of these ways, you’re likely wasting valuable money, creating marketing programs with no trackable ROI, alienating large patient groups, and missing opportunities to connect with your preferred population.

Shotgun marketing can be defined as an attempt to raise awareness about a product or service to a large, non-specific group of people, rather than advertising to a specific demographic. There’s a chance that your marketing could hit the right population group, but there’s no guarantee. Not to mention that if you do, there’s likely to be a lot of waste. With this approach, there is no data-based assurance that you’re aiming for patients who actually need the service your hospital is offering.

Relying on “mass marketing” means you will spend perfectly good marketing dollars developing outreach materials, crafting sales pitches, and sending promotions that will be difficult if not impossible to justify to upper management since tracking ROI is a challenge. With such a wide range of outreach, your marketing will touch many who are not the right fit for your offering. This means that what you are able to track will likely return low levels of interest as so few of your promotions will reach the right audience.

And perhaps most importantly, consumers’ tolerance for “spray and pray” marketing is at an all-time low. Sending mass quantities of irrelevant messaging is an invitation for key segments of your audience to opt out, causing serious damage to your brand.

After several marketing campaigns executed in this manner, you could start to second guess your product offering or think that you misread the needs of your population. But in truth, the right audience does exist for your service, they just aren’t the ones hearing about your offering.

Maybe it’s time to start marketing with a magnet instead of a bullhorn since the odds of sparking interest with the right population groups increase dramatically when you speak their language and connect on their level. 

At Stratasan, we often hear from customers who want to execute effective marketing strategies but don’t feel they have all the insights and information they need to do so. They want to reach a specific population with their services but need reliable, data-based intelligence to guide their efforts and ensure their strategies will have an effective ROI.


The days of spending marketing money and executing plans that don’t have a reliable measurement system are gone. Marketing teams need fast, reliable, and in-depth information about potential customers in order to build outreach campaigns that have the highest probability of a favorable ROI and that meet specific annual goals.” - Kelly Meigs, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Tanner Health System.

Whether you choose to partner with Stratasan or attempt a more targeted marketing effort on your own, the key is to start evaluating the demographics, psychographics, and internal data at your disposal to drive a more tailored marketing strategy. Do the needed research to make sure the advertising you purchase is laser focused on the right population group. If you are starting this process on your own, online marketing may be your best bet, as it makes this sort of targeted outreach more possible.

Stratasan’s in-depth Micro-Target Marketing report, which provides psychographic and demographic information by block group, opened a whole new world of insights for Meigs about the communities that Tanner served. She was able to use block group analysis and Tapestry segmentation – to understand the buying habits, out-migration, and lifestyle choices of her customers – the critical details that could lead to more informed decision making.

Using Micro-Target Marketing allowed Meigs and her team to track campaign results at a level that was never before possible, equipping her to make decisions based on reliable data and then report on the results of her marketing efforts. Now, the marketing team at Tanner Health is armed with the results she needs to promote the successes of her team and expand her marketing resources in the future.

If your marketing team has been trudging through the outdated practices of shotgun marketing and you’re ready to start creating promotional campaigns that produce trackable, positive results, Stratasan may be the partner to help. Contact us and let's discuss how we can implement a Micro-Target Marketing strategy that fits your needs.

Article by Jennifer Keller, Marketing Director

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