4 Health Systems with Exceptional Marketing and Social Media

4 Health Systems with Exceptional Marketing and Social Media

Find Inspiration from these Forward-Thinking Marketing Teams

By Jennifer Keller

With so many avenues to interact with patients and prospective patients online, hospitals and health systems are finding new and creative ways to connect every day. In this post, find inspiration from four health systems making impressive and forward-thinking strides in their marketing programs. Each hospital has employed notable marketing, and particularly social media, strategies in an effort to engage their community.


Banner Health

It’s no secretblogging can be an effective means for building a positive online reputation and increasing patient engagement. But generating good content on a regular basis can be challenging for even the most dedicated marketing team. That’s why it’s worth noting when a health system has found a successful way to maintain a regularly populated blog that is chock full of relevant, useful information for patients. Per their own definition, Health EConnect is a blog that explains the complicated healthcare world and gives friendly advice to help make life better. With a well-designed and easy to navigate interface, Banner Health makes use of videos, written articles, and infographics, to effectively break down difficult medical topics and share valuable expertise. Their creative use of visuals to communicate important messages, like how to gauge Halloween treats nutritional values, was noted in this Hubspot post. Banner shares this great content through their healthy living newsletter and with their 36K Facebook fans, nearly 8K Twitter followers, and 1.1K YouTube subscribers.


The University of Miami Health System

The University of Miami Health System, abbreviated to UHealth on its website, has on staff as their CXO (Chief Experience Officer) and Associate Vice President Marketing & Communications, Roymie V. Mimbiela, named earlier this year as one of 20 healthcare marketers you should be following on LinkedIn. Her social profile describes her to be responsible for “transforming the patient experience throughout the system” and implementing internal and external tactics to enrich engagement and affinity for UHealth. Evidence of her leadership can be seen in progressive digital marketing practices implemented on the website, with UHealth Aware, and through their various social channels. More than 7K Facebook fans and 4K Twitter followers are regularly informed of the latest medical research and community events alongside holiday memes and fun quizzes, such as the Thanksgiving themed “Battle of the Bacons: Do you know which #bacon is better for you?” Most impressive is their dedicated use of YouTube for sharing patient experiences, medical expertise, and heart warming stories such as Colin the “UPup.” Their YouTube channel has over 160 videos with 120,529 views, an indicator that this channel is effectively reaching patients and potential patients alike.


Tanner Health System

For many years, Tanner Health System has made their commitment to operate for the good of the communities it serves apparent through their strategic marketing outreach. A long-time Stratasan partner, Tanner has discovered how the right data insights and Stratasan’s Micro-Targeting can provide a deeper understanding of the psychographic and demographic makeup of their communities—leading to marketing campaigns that more effectively speak to patient needs. Such marketing outreach includes their Get Healthy, Live Well website and community activity schedule, which strive to “provide a path to better health and living well.” Their unique approach to reach teens with an anti-smoking message led to the creation of DontBeABoneHead.org. This site connects with teens through compelling stories, a create a meme tool, videos, articles, wristbands, and other impactful offerings. They also connect with patients and potential patients through engaging patient stories and their actively maintained blog. All of this is shared with their more than 12K Facebook fans and 3K Twitter followers.


The University of Colorado Hospital

UCHealth, as listed on its website, has created a clever connection with their hometown heros, the Denver Broncos. Beginning in 2016 and making a comeback this year, UCHealth is using #BroncosFever as a way to reach their community. As “the Official Healthcare Partner of the Denver Broncos,” UCHealth has an easy tie to the team and they are creatively taking full advantage of this relationship. Their in-house marketing team was recognized by the Healthcare Advertising Awards for last year’s "Broncos Fever Video Contest" campaign. The rules were simple: “Capture a video of yourself showcasing your case of Broncos fever, or how you are spreading Broncos fever. Video must include a medical object or device. Video must incorporate the line of dialogue: “We have a fever and the only cure is more Broncos!” The winning video received two tickets and field passes to the January 2017 Bronco’s game versus the Oakland Raiders. They are back at it again this year with the #BroncosFever Sweepstakes, an Instagram campaign documenting cases of #BroncosFever (which has more than 2.4K posts) and the Broncos Fever Ward: Draft. UCHealth ties their campaign back to the hospital with this slogan: “For everything but #BroncosFever, contact UCHealth.”


The Takeaway

Forward-thinking healthcare marketing teams are aware that they must find new ways to reach customers through digital marketing. Marketing budgets aren’t getting any bigger and thanks to the vast amount of knowledge at their fingertips through a basic Google search, consumers are making more educated decisions about how they seek the care they need. The same old strategies of the past won’t cut it. To stay competitive, your marketing mix has to evolve. The healthcare systems highlighted above have shown creativity in their approach to reach patients. If you’re ready to start creating fresh promotional campaigns that more effectively connect with your communities, Stratasan may be the partner to help.

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Article by Jennifer Keller, Marketing Director for Stratasan

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