Focusing on the Job to be Done

Focusing on the Job to be Done

Health:Further - The Future of Health Podcast

By Jason Moore

At Stratasan, we spend a lot of time looking at gaps in care and helping clients figure out howand whereto fill those gaps. As a result, we are a very data-driven company. At the same time, we’re are focused on using the right data to make intelligent healthcare decisions. We’re not keen on using “big data” because it’s the latest buzz word in the industry. We’re more concerned with what our customers can do with data insights and how they can use that information to fill gaps, create opportunities, and deliver better care to patients.


You’ll hear a lot about those themes throughout this podcast conversation.

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Health:Further is an open community focused on the future of health. They are driven to pursue two difficult ideals: that health is a human right, and that health must be supported affordably and sustainably. This past August, I was interviewed by David Shifrin of Health:Further and the podcast has now been made available to the public.

In this podcast interview, David and I discuss a theme that we often consider internally, and then with our clients, at Stratasan—the theme of the job to be done. For healthcare providers, that job is to provide care and help in preventing diseases for the populations they serve.


(Pictured above: Speaking at the 2017 Health:Further Festival)

When the job to be done is made the primary consideration for a provider, it means three things:

  • Looking at the population served
  • Seeing where there are gaps in care
  • Determining how to best fill those gaps

At Stratasan, we help our clients micro-target patient populations, identify gaps in care, and consider how they can fill those gaps with an FSED, by partnering with an outside entity who has surplus healthcare inventory, or by venturing into a new market and extending a service area.

Throughout the podcast, David I also consider the following topics:   

  • How providers should view the patient as an individual with unique care needs, an idea that can often be lost when discussing big data, population health, and other popular healthcare jargon.
  • With all the data and analytics that Stratasan is accessing, how does this translate to the job to be done of considering how to get better care to patients?
  • With the complexity of healthcare expansion, how does Stratasan dig into data and determine how best to fill gaps in effective and sustainable ways?
  • As consumers considering the accessibility of patient care, how should we consider the geographic constraints of medical care?
  • How do technological advances affect trends in healthcare expansion?


The Takeaway

Stratasan is not a data asset company. Instead, we focus on getting our clients out of data and into intelligence—making wiser, strategic growth decisions. While data is an important foundational piece, it’s not the most important piece when we talk about the job to be done.

We consider the problems our clients are trying to solve and then build applications to address those problems. We help physician liaisons, marketers, and strategic planners in healthcare focus less on big data and more on the job to be done: the prevention of diseases and treatment of patient populations.

For more information on how Stratasan can help you in addressing your job to be done, request a discovery call with Sean Conway today. Sean will demonstrate how many of Stratasan’s offerings, including Launch Pathway and Micro-Targeting, can support your strategic decision making about how to fill gaps, create opportunities, and deliver better care to patients.

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Article by Jason Moore, Founder & CEO of Stratasan

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