Founder's Perspective: New Product, New Office, New Outlook

Founder's Perspective: New Product, New Office, New Outlook

By Jason Moore

One of my favorite things about working at Stratasan is that we are frequently applying company philosophies to create tangible software products or services. The core philosophy that has motivated us since the inception of Stratasan is the desire to help our client partners move up the DIKW pyramid. Last week, we released Launch Pathway in an effort to continue assisting our client partners as they move up the DIKW pyramid in their strategic growth efforts. The ties between this core philosophy and our newest software are extremely exciting for our entire team!

This month also began with a full move to a new location for our office. Brian Dailey (Founder & CTO) and I have now shared six office spaces together over the seven plus years since meeting. Our friendship began when we both saw a Twitter post offering co-working space at Centresource. That timely encounter is one of the many “lucky bounces” we have had along the way to get where we are today! Our partnership has allowed each of us to focus on the areas where we perform best and this has lead to the suite of products and services we offer today.

Speaking of products, one of the primary drivers for our product development has been the insights we gain through relationships with our client partners. Getting out of the office and truly listening to the multitude of problems our clients face has lead to the vast majority of our product innovations. When internalizing those ideas, there is not always uniform agreement on the direction or steps we should take next. However, thanks to one of our company core values, Honest Conversations Make Us Stronger, we stay the course and have the tough conversations that ultimately have led us to the software suite and services offerings we have today.

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So as we head into spring, we are both looking back on what has allowed us to get where we are and looking towards the new challenges we will face as we strive to continue to provide value to our client partners.

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P.S. We are having our 6-year Anniversary Party at the new office on May 18. We would love to have you come by, meet some of the team, and see where we work together every day.

Click here to see more details about the party and to RSVP.

Anniversary Celebration

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