Founder’s Post: Stratasan's 2020 Year-End Reflections

Founder’s Post: Stratasan's 2020 Year-End Reflections

How Our Purpose, Niche, and Story Are Designed to Help You Succeed

By Jason Moore

We recently held our annual Town Hall, which is a time set aside for reflection and preparation for the new year. Following the pattern of most everything else in 2020, this year’s Town Hall looked different from the past. It was virtual and shorter in length in an effort to be mindful of the taxing nature of multi-hour video meetings. 

One consistency from the past was that much of the time was spent reflecting on our purpose, niche, and the ongoing evolution of our company story. This trifecta encompasses what makes our company unique, our “special sauce,” if you will. 

Our Story

We equip our customers to be decision-driven, not data-driven. Over the years, as we’ve worked alongside our customers, we’ve recognized a pattern; the top-performing healthcare companies are not data-driven. They certainly utilize data, but they refuse to spin their wheels curating, processing, and aggregating data. Instead, they’ve found ways to automate their data process, so they can be decision-driven and operate at the top of their license

This can be illustrated using the DIKW pyramid—a visualization of the relationship between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Healthcare leaders interested in more effectively serving their patients and growing their business can use the philosophy of the DIKW pyramid to better understand how they capitalize on their resources and make more informed decisions.

DIKWData-driven companies spend valuable resources on lower-value data management. They either never make it to the high-value work of growth planning or lean on expensive consultants in their strategic decision making efforts.

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 3.40.36 PMConversely, decision-driven companies have discovered the value in automating repetitive data work, oftentimes through partnerships, and they’re freed up to operate at the top of their license. Spending their time on higher-value activities gleans more value from their data and more clearly identifies growth opportunities. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 3.44.21 PM

The DIKW pyramid is a great visualization of the Stratasan story and how we provide value to our customers. We take the arduous data curation process off their plate and, through our software and services, deliver intelligence informing better decisions more efficiently.

Our client partners at Lexington Medical Center described this relationship in the following way:

“Tedious, all-consuming data processes are no longer a stumbling block to our growth. With Stratasan, our planning team and administrators are armed with the tools and support we need to make strategic decisions quickly and with confidence.”


Our Purpose

We empower others to reach their highest potential. If we’re doing our jobs correctly, then you, as our customer, will be equipped to do your job better than before; making you an indispensable contributor to your organization’s growth. This empowerment applies internally at Stratasan as well. I greatly appreciate each individual who chooses Stratasan as the place to give their gifts and time towards building something together. The least we can do in return is to strive towards creating a place where someone can illustrate their talents, be challenged with interesting work, and know that it is safe to take risks. This is how we believe all of us can be empowered to reach our highest potential.

Our Niche

We specialize in enabling healthcare growth decisions. We do this by building software and providing data services that allow our customers to make better, more efficient strategic growth decisions. We believe that these better growth decisions will translate to better decisions for your patient population.


The Takeaway

With Stratasan providing the intelligence needed to clearly see the best way forward, our customers are able to make growth decisions with confidence. We allow them to think about data differently. Rather than a resource that demands routine attention and updating, data becomes a tool they can leverage for growth. Let’s grow with confidence together.

Article by Jason Moore, Founder & CEO of Stratasan



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