Healthcare Effect - Hurricane Sandy

Healthcare Effect - Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is projected to hit the New Jersey Coast and maintain hurricane force winds north to Maine.  Due to the late October timing of this storm, it is expected to bring heavy snows inland from Tennessee to Maine.

This area of the country is the most populated area of the United States and cities are preparing for the worst.  The storm’s projected path contains more than 68,000,000 people and 30,000,000 homes.  A little under 17 million are children under 18 years of age.  In total, the area represents 228,393 square miles in our study analysis according to the Census and ESRI.

A small bit of good news is there are 982 hospitals and an estimated 250,000 physicians in the affected areas.  Hospitals, Physicians, and Emergency Responders have all been put on alert and are ready to respond.  Based on our experiences with Hurricane Katrina and Irene, tetanus shots will be needed for responders and people living in affected areas.


Healthcare Services Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

If you are living in a low lying area or near the coast, plan an evacuation route as water rises.  Many areas will be without water and electricity as Hurricane Sandy makes landfall.

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