[Infographic] What is Fair Market Reimbursement?

[Infographic] What is Fair Market Reimbursement?

When entering payer/provider reimbursement negotiations, the need for data to back your position is critical. The right insights can show how your payer contracts compare to the market, how payer rates have changed over time from facility to facility, and highlight financial opportunity. This intelligence can equip you to more successfully navigate payer negotiations and leave with more favorable reimbursement rates.

The infographic below highlights a particularly helpful data-based insight called Fair Market Reimbursement. This is a reasonable range of reimbursement rates that all providers within a local market receive from a commercial insurer or payer. Created by our partner Ancore Health, the infographic below explains Fair Market Reimbursement in more detail, by answering several common questions.  

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Stratasan has partnered with Ancore Health to create the Market Reimbursement Analyzer (MRA). This tool allows for analysis by payer, provider, and service line, showing how reimbursement rates compare to the market. Utilizing 835 All-Payer Claims Data, MRA provides commercial reimbursement values by CPT/APC code for a particular market—including points of service such as physician offices, hospital outpatient departments, and ASCs.

Curious to see how it works? Schedule a discovery call with one of our experts today. Learn how our MRA tool can equip you with the data insights needed to successfully navigate your next payer-provider negotiation.

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Infographic originally published by Ancore Health

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