[Infographic] The Health of America

[Infographic] The Health of America

A Look At the Healthiest and Unhealthiest ZIPs in the US

By Gavin Chance 

As we begin a new year, health and wellness are top of mind for many. Americans everywhere are setting New Year’s resolutions to amend bad habits and to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle in 2020.

It can be beneficial to understand the current state of our health as we collectively look to the future and make plans for improvement. This infographic shares statistics and trends about our health as a country, focusing on the following information from 2018:

  • The average amount spent on health

  • The average number of visits to the doctor

  • The number of cigarettes smoked

  • The average amount spent on prescription drugs

For instance, did you know that during 2018, the average American spent $5,728 on their health and $361 on prescription drugs? Also, on average, the 94964 ZIP code of San Quentin, CA smoked the least number of cigarettes last year? See below for the full infographic highlighting many other interesting findings.

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The Takeaway

As our country gears up for a healthier year, how can hospitals and healthcare providers lend support? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Consider following the example of Grace Cottage Hospital and offering free diabetes education, short-term counseling, nutrition and exercise coaching, and assistance in applying for health insurance and social services.

  • Encourage families to focus on their health in a way similar to Children’s Health in Dallas with their Get Up & Go program.

  • Download Stratasan’s CHNA Implementation Checklist and identify what actions your hospital should take, in collaboration with community leaders, to address the health needs identified in your CHNA.

For more information about Stratasan’s Strategic Advisory Services—which can help with everything from a one-off strategy session, a physician needs analysis, a CHNA, or working with you to fully develop your strategic plan—contact Sean Conway and schedule a discovery call today.

Infographic by Gavin Chance, GIS Analyst for Stratasan

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CHNA Checklist to help improve your community


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