Integrating a CHNA into Your Strategy: Recorded Webinar

Integrating a CHNA into Your Strategy: Recorded Webinar

Are you looking to improve your community relationships while positively impacting the health of the population in your service area?

If so, you don’t want to miss this recorded webinar session! Refresh on the required components of a CHNA and learn the similarities between a CHNA process and strategic planning process, how to use the information gathered in the CHNA for the strategic plan, and how healthcare organizations used a wellness and a brand strategy to improve the health of their population.

Not-for-profit hospitals are required to conduct these assessments, but with the right approach, investor-owned hospitals can benefit tremendously from this process as well.

A CHNA can serve as a strategic tool by shedding light onto community health needs and therefore product line development opportunities. They also uncover access issues, define service area demographics and psychographics, and encourage positive brand recognition for your hospital within your community.


Learn how best to extract value from your hospital’s CHNA to improve your strategic planning and marketing activities and ultimately maximize the impact of your brand.

In this webinar, originally presented December 6, 2016, Lee Ann Lambdin, Stratasan’s SVP of Healthcare Strategy, and Jon Headlee, President of Ten Adams, discuss how to extend your Community Health Needs Assessment to create effective wellness initiatives from the inside out.

In case you missed it, view the slides associated with this presentation here.

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