Foster Physician Alignment and Uncover Opportunities for Growth

Foster Physician Alignment and Uncover Opportunities for Growth

Physician Patterns and Loyalty

By Jackie DeGroat, Tony Camarata, and Rebecca Groner

In case you missed the earlier announcement, Physician Pathway is now comprised of two tools: Physician Loyalty and Physician Patterns. Here is a quick overview of what each tool offers:

  • Physician Patterns shows you where physician referral patterns and any leakage is occurring.
  • Physician Loyalty shows you where physicians are treating their cases.

physician_patternsphysician_loyalty_iconTogether, these tools provide focused intelligence around physician and provider relationships and uncover physician behavior in your market. Your team will spend less time mining data and more time strategizing.

Important note: For existing users, Physician Pathway has been renamed to Physician Patterns. It’s the same product, just with a new name!

The Benefit of Using Both Tools

Physician Loyalty and Physician Patterns will foster alignment between your facility and the physicians in your service area and uncover valuable opportunities for growth within your market. Both of these tools are useful and important to your physician strategy. Here’s how:

Physician Patterns provides a comprehensive overview of the physician referrals in your market, equipping you to identify providers who are referring out of network. This allows you to have a target list of physicians to visit while out in the field and informs you about what to discuss.

For example, one of your physicians may be very loyal with sending her cardiology patients to your hospital, but you discover that she is sending neurology patients out of network. The intelligence you gather from Physician Patterns arms you with intel so you can further investigate why this is occurring and what can be done to shift those neurology referrals back in house. Maybe the issue is that the wait for her patients to see the neurologist is too long. This would mean your hospital should consider adding another neurologist on staff  to increase capacity to support more patients.

Beyond referrals, other reports and features in Physician Patterns can help your team with strategic decision making. For example, you may uncover that physician referrals to another facility are due to patient preference, as another hospital is closer and more easily accessible. This opens the opportunity for a well-placed outpatient surgery center.  

Additional features:

  • Inbound and Outbound Pattern Analysis

Physician Patterns enables you to view both inbound and outbound pattern reports, switching back and forth with a simple toggle. View all physicians who have shared patients with the physicians you’re analyzing.

  • Straightforward User Interface

Get straight to the data you need to understand your market with zero complexity. With Physician Patterns, you can quickly narrow your search when filtering by facility, practice affiliation, or specific provider. Use the interactive map to approximate locations of physicians in your market and zoom in for more precision.

  • Case Analysis

Quickly and easily see cases performed and revenue generated by individual physicians and facilities. You can break down cases by service line and even adjust your filters for a new set of intelligence.

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Physician Loyalty allows you to visualize physician case volumes and makes it possible to understand physician service line and hospital patterns. Physicians often have privileges at multiple facilities, allowing them to perform procedures and surgeries or to admit patients to more than one hospital. It’s important for you to know everywhere your physicians are practicing medicine, and in particular, when they are sending revenue to hospitals other than your own. Physician Loyalty’s data visualizations will empower both you and your physicians to have more informed conversations about their case volume trends and to take steps toward reaching more patients in your service area.

For example, you may discover that one of your general surgeons is performing most of his surgeries at another hospital, instead of at your hospital where he is on staff. The intelligence you gather from Physician Loyalty arms you with intel so you can further investigate why this is occurring and what can be done to shift those surgeries back in house. Maybe the issue is that the wait time to get into your OR is too long. This would mean your hospital should consider opening an additional OR suite, which would decrease wait times and likely motivate your surgeon to perform in house more often.

Additional features:

  • Presentation-Ready Physician Intelligence

With highly visual, trended graphs that can be presented directly from Storyboards, Physician Loyalty makes it easier than ever to share insights with team members and leadership. Build in-app presentations and toggle between different views to compare quarterly and annual trends and better facilitate physician strategy sessions.

  • Precise and Reliable Physician Insights You Can Trust

By using only one dataset and therefore eliminating any concern of duplicate case counting, Physician Loyalty allows you to slice market data any way you want.

  • Multi-Year Data Visualization

Physician Loyalty visualizes data from a three-year trend perspective, showing whether or not a physician’s case volume is decreasing or increasing over that period of time. If you see a physician’s case volume decrease, perhaps you should bring this physician out in the field with you and introduce them to primary care physicians in the market in order to increase their case volume. Or, consider a collaboration with your marketing team in order to better market this physician to the community.

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Physician Patterns as a Complement to Physician Loyalty

Physician Patterns completes the story that Physician Loyalty tellsshowing referrals and relationships among physicians in your market. It’s the perfect tool to support your daily planning and strategy, as it equips you with intel for more informed conversations with the physicians in your market. It will help you find splitters and loyalties among physicians your team knows or those with whom you have not yet developed relationships.

Additionally, Physician Patterns is a helpful tool in managing primary care physician (PCP) referrals to specialty physicians. PCPs are the healthcare gatekeepers, and they feed specialist patient volumes. While Physician Patterns provides the intelligence for increasing these physician referrals, that doesn’t guarantee the referred physician will treat these patients at your hospital. This is where Physician Loyalty comes into play. Since you can’t manage what you don’t know, Physician Loyalty provides data that will allow you to better manage where your specialty physicians are treating cases by revealing where they are and are not treating cases. Armed with this intel, you’ll be able to better manage your discussions with these physicians and will be more likely to meet your goal of keeping all cases in house.

The Takeaway

Tasked with building and fostering relationships that will drive growth and revenue, physician liaisons need the support of directionally correct, objective data that can support and enhance market assessments. Physician Patterns equips you to build upon market expertise and provides a support system for your strategy. Physician Loyalty visualizes physician case volumes, making it possible for you to understand physician service line and hospital patterns. Together, these tools help you track and measure your initiatives, ensure program goals are met, and successfully identify opportunities for improvement.

Want to learn more? Request a discovery call with Sean Conway today and see how Physician Patterns and Loyalty can equip your team with actionable data to grow relationships and drive referral volume.

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Article by Jackie DeGroat, Manager of Customer Success, Tony Camarata, Product Manager, and Rebecca Groner, Product Associate for Stratasan

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