Introducing StrataCares: COVID-19

Introducing StrataCares: COVID-19

Content, Training, and Community for Healthcare Professionals

By Stephanie Johnson

Life in the healthcare industry has undoubtedly been turned upside down. Whether you’ve been pulled to the front-lines providing medical care, or working on the business behind the scenes, your priorities have shifted. 

In the hopes of supporting your current work situation, we've launched StrataCares: COVID-19, where we’re providing virtual training sessions, curated educational content, and opportunities to connect. Each offering has been developed with our collective “new normal” in mind and is intended to be relevant to what you need now.


To that end, we’d like to introduce the programs and services below. We hope these are resources you can easily use and see immediate value in. 

  • StratAcademy: Virtual Training Opportunities 
  • StrataChat: Community Hour
  • Curated Educational Content 

Learn more about each of these offerings in more detail below.

StratAcademy: Virtual Training Opportunities 

If you find yourself with some extra time in this “upside-down world,” why not use it to learn something new? StratAcademy offers webinar training to help you become more proficient in using our tools so you, in turn, can be more effective in your job. These power sessions are pre-recorded, bite-sized trainings on specific functionalities. More in-depth training sessions are also available upon request, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager for details. 

Click here to view the training opportunities.

StrataChat: Community Hour

We’re all dealing with a serious case of cabin fever. Now, more than ever, we have to find creative ways to connect with the outside world. So, over the coming weeks, we’ll be facilitating StrataChats. These virtual community events will provide an outlet to connect with Stratasan employees, industry experts, and, most importantly, one another. See below for an initial listing of the topics we plan to cover. 

  • Survival Cooking: Use What’s in the Pantry!
  • Working from Home: Tips for Maintaining Sanity
  • How COVID-19 will Change the Way We Work

Click here to sign up to attend the first event, planned for April 29 at 4 pm CST.

Curated Educational Content 

We’re all trying to navigate a “new normal,” however different it may be for each of us. Whether you’re hoping to use this time to sharpen your skills as a strategic planner, or you’d be interested in uncovering financial opportunities through increased payer reimbursements, we’ve curated a collection of educational resources and content that we believe will be useful to you as you work to improve the position of your business. 

Click here to view the educational content.

The Takeaway

StrataCares is Stratasan’s client outreach and philanthropic community program. Our company is united by a common interest to provide support to our client partners, above and beyond our business obligations, and to give back to our city of Nashville. StrataCares gives structure to our client support programs and provides a way to focus our charitable interests. 

StrataCares: COVID-19 is an initiative created to support Stratasan’s healthcare partners specifically during this global crisis. For more information about our StrataCares: COVID-19 program and to sign up for our first Community Hour, visit this page. Be on the lookout for more details about specific events, training opportunities, and educational resources as they become available. 

As we all move forward, learning to adapt to COVID-19 life, we wish you good health and peace of mind. We look forward to connecting with you soon. 

Article by Stephanie Johnson, EVP, Customer Experience for Stratasan

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