Live Facilitation of Strategy Meetings

Live Facilitation of Strategy Meetings

By Tony Camarata

Has this ever happened to you? You walk into a strategy meeting with your strategic plan, ready to plan for the future, but walk out with a long list of to-dos instead? The meeting that was supposed to be used to chart your future growth strategy is spent asking and attempting to answer questions about past performance. Your organization’s key stakeholders need to know more insight into certain figures and also have requested intelligence that wasn’t prepared in advance, but they are not the right audience to jump into Excel pivot tables.

Storyboards will eliminate this problem with live meeting facilitations.

Launch Pathway is a data visualization tool that lives on top of state data. The Storyboards feature enables you to take snapshots of market share, service lines, payor mix, and maps of your facility and add them to presentation-ready decks within minutes, all within the application.

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Asking probing questions should be the most valuable part of your strategy presentation. However, questions are often dreaded instead of welcomed. When a presentation doesn’t have the data needed, your meeting quickly devolves into a long to-do list. Even once you come away with a list of questions to answer, the complex data and planning process makes getting answers time consuming. Unfortunately, your questions will have to be answered with back-and-forth email instead of the within the meeting that took weeks to coordinate.

The opportunity to create alignment and develop a cohesive strategy is missed because you are relying on prebuilt, static presentations that cannot answer the questions that inevitably come up in planning meetings. Launch Pathway’s Storyboard transforms strategy meetings into productive, collaborative, working sessions. 

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Launch Pathway’s dynamic Storyboards tool not only empowers your team to ask questions but also quickly delivers answers needed to develop strategy. By contrast, a typical slide deck is for presentation purposes only. Analysts spend significant time in Excel to build the required Powerpoint slides. Exploring market intelligence becomes secondary to delivering the presentation. Analysts just hope that they have all the bases covered when presentation day arrives.

We wanted to solve this problem through Storyboards.

Storyboards is a living presentation application that lets end users drill into data then update or add new slides with a few clicks. Our intended use case of focusing on strategy by eliminating time spent data crunching makes Storyboards a perfect use case for meeting facilitation. Attendees can ask questions and receive immediate answers. Questions turn into conversations. The living presentation is always the most current version that can be shared with others. The best part of all, Storyboard presentations are updated automatically when fresh data is released.

Strategic planning can move from an once annual process to a quarterly practice to keep you better informed. While it was not the original intended use case, utilizing Storyboards to facilitate strategy meetings has proven powerful for our clients on Launch Pathway.


Article by Tony Camarata, Product Manager for Stratasan.

To see how Stratasan and Launch Pathway can help you make better use of your strategy sessions through Storyboards’ interactive presentations, contact Sean Conway or email


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