Launch Pathway vs. Tableau

Launch Pathway vs. Tableau

Why Each Platform was Created and the Unique Needs and Goals of Each User

By Tony Camarata, Scott Burns, and Forrest Rich

As we approached the official release date of Launch Pathwaywe found it helpful to consider other platforms on the market that provide a similar set of offerings. We analyzed and researched our customer’s needs and the options previously available to them so we have a more complete understanding of how Launch Pathway will be useful and relevant to our customers. Based on our market research, these are the three primary options available to healthcare marketers and strategists looking to apply data intelligence to strategic growth planning:

  • An in-house DIY approach
  • Tableau
  • Launch Pathway

We won’t cover the details of an in-house DIY approach in this post, but we’ll instead focus on the differences between Tableau and Launch Pathway. Launch Pathway is strategic intelligence platform that transforms complex healthcare market data into straightforward insights. It removes the roadblocks of data crunching for healthcare marketing and strategic planning professionals, allowing users to more quickly progress to the high-value work of growth strategy and planning. Tableau was created to help anyone see and understand their data, whatever that data might be. It connects to almost any database, allowing for the creation of drag and drop to visualizations.

We know both Tableau and Launch Pathway have a lot of great capabilities, so we’re not interested in detailing out every good and bad aspect of each platform. But, we do see value in highlighting the strategy behind why each was created, who the users are of each, and what these users are trying to accomplish.



 Launch Pathway Screenshot


The Backstory: The Strategy Behind Tableau and Launch Pathway

Tableau was created to make sense of every kind of data. Whether you’re looking at voter registration, logistics, Wall Street financials, or healthcare data, Tableau, potentially, has a solution for you. Tableau shares as a part of its missions that “it’s software for anyone and everyone.” Their driving force is to democratize data, making data analysis and visualization accessible to anyone with any interest from any industry.

While created with good intentions, Tableau’s “all things data” approach is ultimately what leads to its complexity and frustration for many users. There are departments dedicated to making the system work and certification classes proving you’re a Tableau software expert.

However, knowing the software isn’t enough. You also must know how to generate strategic insights from the data:  

  • What are the key performance indicators for my industry?
  • What are the visualizations needed for strategic insight?
  • What additional advantages can I leverage?

For healthcare strategists, Launch Pathway answers this need to generate strategic insights from market data. Launch Pathway was created with a singular focus—to elevate the strategy of healthcare market planners.

In an effort to relieve healthcare analysts, strategists, planners, and decision-makers from data overhead and delays that go along with it, Launch Pathway pairs our software and industry expertise to deliver a very targeted data visualization solution.

The goal in creating Launch Pathway was to make data-based healthcare market insights accessible to anyone within a healthcare organization. This will allow all team members to be on the same page, creating organization-wide synergy that can lead to real-time decision-making based on a universal understanding of intelligence.

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The Users

Launch Pathway users are healthcare strategists. Because of a niche focus, Stratasan’s data process pre-seeds Launch Pathway with the right data allowing users to start with strategy instead of data loading and visualization programming. Launch Pathway creates market expertise in just a few clicks.

Launch Pathway is also for users who need to facilitate strategic planning sessions and drill into data on-demand for answers. Typically, market questions like, “What is my market share in just Commercial? What about for just Cardiology in my primary service area?” lead to weeks of follow-up work. The more complex (Tableau) or unpredictable (DIY) solution, the longer follow-up work takes. Launch Pathway removes the technology barrier for users, something that is not always associated with a data visualization platform.

Tableau has two primary users: those who work with Tableau and those who work on Tableau. These two users are typically at odds with each other. The person working with Tableau, usually the subject matter expert in a particular industry, wants Tableau to quickly provide the charts and visualizations needed for strategy. The person who works on Tableau has typically taken some classes and is in awe of all the things that Tableau can do but lacks the market strategy expertise. They are simply waiting for somebody to tell them what they need. This can lead to a long back and forth about what the strategist needs, what the Tableau expert knows, and what Tableau can actually do.


The Takeaway

While both Tableau and Launch Pathway are valuable tools for discovering insights from ever-growing datasets, the two products approach the problem of building data-driven market insights from different perspectives. Tableau allows users to generate completely custom visualizations against very large datasets with a price tag that matches its complexity and a need for training to use it. Launch Pathway makes some opinionated choices about how to best present healthcare market data and provides a platform to quickly understand the market KPIs and where and how to drive growth for a healthcare organization.

For more information about Launch Pathway or to set up a demonstration of the tool, contact Sean Conway  today. Sean will demonstrate how Launch Pathway can reduce the time you would waste data crunching and allow you to more quickly get to the valuable actionable insights you need. 

Article by Tony Camarata, Product Manager, Scott Burns, VP of Engineering, and Forrest Rich, Health Analyst for Stratasan

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