[VIDEO] Launch Pathway: Your Visual Intelligence Platform

[VIDEO] Launch Pathway: Your Visual Intelligence Platform

Year One in Review—A Highlight Reel of Launch Pathway’s Best Content

By Drake Jarman and Sean Conway


It’s been exactly one year since we debuted Launch Pathway on the Stratasan blog. With that anniversary in mind, we saw an opportunity to highlight some of our best content and insights from this first year. Additionally, we’ve created a video which summarizes Launch Pathway’s features and benefits, with a high level explanation of how this tool can revolutionize your strategic planning efforts.

Watch the video here.


The real value of Launch Pathway is how it can transform your strategic planning conversations—evolving them from an annual, January report to an on-going, year-round discussion that informs your growth planning. In real time, you can be equipped to filer complex state data sets, visualize market changes and opportunities, and strengthen strategic growth conversations for your hospital or health system.

Throughout the past year, we’ve shared a number of blogs that illustrate how Launch Pathway can provide value. In case you’ve missed any of this content, we’ve collected a list of our top posts:

Perhaps you’ve been following along this year as we’ve shared benefits and use cases for Launch Pathway and you’ve been intrigued, but haven’t taken the first step towards determining how it can be a helpful tool for you. If that rings true, drop us a line. We’d love to  discuss your specific situation and demonstrate how Launch Pathway can help you drive growth in 2018.


Video and article by Drake Jarman, SVP of Sales, and Sean Conway, Manager, Sales for Stratasan

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