Looking Back on 10 Years of Growth

Looking Back on 10 Years of Growth

How Stratasan Partnered with the Nashville Entrepreneur Center to Create Success

The Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC) recently celebrated 11 years of operation with the launch of a new website. Alongside the website, they also released their first published annual report, which is a collection of 10 years of EC stories and achievements. Stratasan is honored to be featured on the website and in this annual report.

While the EC commemorates its notable accomplishment, Stratasan is also celebrating a big anniversary; May marks 10 years since our founding. For the past 10 years, our team of analysts, engineers, growth and product developers have been working to improve the healthcare space and change the way hospitals use data and analytics.

The close timing of our celebrations is no coincidence, as Stratasan’s story is closely tied to that of the EC. In this post, we’ll share how Stratasan and the EC are fortuitously linked and how Stratasan became the EC’s very first program participant in 2010.


Photo above from Stratasan's 10th Anniversary party.


Stratasan and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Jason Moore, Stratasan’s Founder and CEO, had 10 years of experience running and operating a SaaS company before making his way to Nashville. This past experience had shown how hard it was to start something new. He was keenly aware of the need for a strong, supportive network as he looked to launch a SaaS healthcare company in Nashville. So, when he learned that a new professional mentorship group was being developed, with a concerted interest in supporting entrepreneurs in Nashville, he was intrigued. 

In an effort to meet the leaders of this new organization, Jason attended a networking event for the launch of the EC’s first website. There he met Michael Burcham, then CEO of the EC. The next day, he pitched him the idea for Stratasan and directly after, was invited to formally join as the EC’s first program participant. 

Jason got to experience the EC’s mentor program as it was being built, learning from the wisdom of the think tank that was bringing the EC to life. As the EC was establishing their program for budding entrepreneurs, they were simultaneously giving Jason the support he needed to get Stratasan off the ground. 

With Stratasan, the goal from the start was to do things differently from others in the healthcare data analytics space. Rather than coming in as the experts, delivering consulting advice on the best next strategic move, Stratasan’s SaaS platform would make data more accessible and useful. This allows for analytics teams to operate at the top of their license instead of performing rote data tasks.

First investor check

Jason and co-founder Brian Dailey, whom he’d met by chance in a coworking space the year before, spent the next eight months working out of the EC and developing this concept. On May 18, 2011, they got their initial seed capital (captured in the photo to the right) and moved into their first co-working space, officially launching Stratasan.

Right after funding, Jason had the “lucky bounce” of connecting with Melissa Waddey at LifePoint Health. She took a chance on Stratasan, trusting and believing in the vision and plan that Jason and Brian had in place. That partnership opened many doors to help Stratasan grow and build to where it is today.

You can hear more about Stratasan’s history in this 0 to 5000 podcast.

Celebrating 10 Years

Stratasan was launched with the mission to change the way hospitals and health systems use data to achieve strategic growth. At the time, healthcare data was inconsistent at best. It was difficult for healthcare institutions to put it to meaningful use. Using the DIKW pyramid as a guide, Stratasan made this data more useful and accessible to strategic planners, marketers, and those in healthcare business development.

Over the past 10 years, Stratasan’s team has built scalable applications on top of healthcare data, making it possible for healthcare professionals to leverage data to make better strategic growth decisions. 

Today, Stratasan is a leading provider of data analytics and market intelligence to healthcare strategic planning and marketing professionals delivered via cloud services. As a high-growth healthcare technology company, Stratasan works with more than 1,000 hospitals across the country to remove the roadblocks of data analysis and progress to the important work of growth planning. 

One of the company’s core values, Our Success is My Success, states that “we support one another, strive for the success of the team, and recognize that nothing is done alone.” It’s in the spirit of this value that Stratasan celebrates 10 years of growth and recognizes the many people and organizations who helped get it to this point; particularly the Nashville EC with their mentorship and leadership. It’s an honor to celebrate alongside such a special group of trailblazers and innovators, as we both look to rethink conventional processes and create better solutions for the clients we serve.