New Claims Data Visualization Platform Delivers Focused Market Intelligence

New Claims Data Visualization Platform Delivers Focused Market Intelligence

By Zach Missimo
Product Manager

Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work creating a powerful new tool that makes it possible for healthcare leaders to visualize their market and gather strategic growth insights in minutes. For many in strategic planning, gathering digestible, actionable intelligence from billions of lines of claims data would take weeks, and it almost always required a team of analysts and experts. Not anymore.

We’re proud of Stratasan’s new Patient Origin & Out-Migration solution - the first of several new claims visualization tools that will make up our Focus Pathway platform. Accessible, efficient, and autonomous, Stratasan’s Patient Origin & Out-Migration module makes it simple for hospital, health system, and ancillary care leaders in strategy, business development, marketing, and physician relations to understand where patients from their service area are seeking care. Armed with this intelligence, they can successfully address pains like patient out-migration, visualize competitors, and identify opportunities for growth.

So, how does it work? Our Focus Pathway Patient Origin and Out-Migration tool is powered by one of the most robust 837 claims data sets available. The platform is built entirely in-house, so no need to worry about third-party integrations or security concerns. With just a few quick inputs, users can build a complete report of patients in their service area in a matter of minutes. They can analyze the types of care their facilities may be capturing or losing in the market, identify potential splitting from employed physicians, and visualize patient demographic data to make long-term strategic decisions.

The best part? These reports can be built and updated entirely by the user. Need to update your facility list? Add a new site of care to your roster and Focus will automatically incorporate the changes. Had a new wave of provider hires? Just upload your updated list and Focus will do the rest.

Never has market intelligence been so accessible and easy to utilize. This is because, at Stratasan, we build our products with our users in mind; our goal with Focus is to create not only the most insightful product, but also the best possible user experience.

Want to learn more? We’d welcome the opportunity to connect and explore how this new solution can support your strategic planning success.

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