Physician Relations: YOU are the Market Expert

Physician Relations: YOU are the Market Expert

by Tony Camarata

The relationship between physicians and provider facilities is impacting much of the changing landscape of healthcare. Physician Liaisons are the face, voice, and ears of this demanding effort. Tasked with building relationships that will drive growth and revenue, this position needs the support of directionally correct, objective data that can support and enhance their market  assessments. After all, as the Physician Liaison, you are the market expert.

YOU are the “boots on the ground.”

In a way that only a local can, you understand the realities and challenges of your market. You are the expert because of your proximity and personal investment the area. You understand subtleties and nuances that an algorithm never can and never will. There is very little additional insight that any software solution can provide within your primary market.  

YOU know your market dynamics.

You understand your market dynamics enough to have an intuitive sense of what will resonate and what will fall flat. No external resource can tap into the sensibilities that can only come with time, experience, and the relationships you have spent years cultivating. Trust your sensibilities to guide your thought process and you may be surprised at how well equipped your already are to answer tough questions about the needs of your market.

Stratasan’s Physician Patterns application is a fresh approach to physician relations. Unlike others who would supplant your expertise by selling theirs, Physician Patterns presents real data with no “black box” models. Stratasan’s Physician Patterns platform equips you to build upon your market expertise and provides a support system for your strategy. By not modeling data and instead, presenting reality, you can improve your relationship management by knowing concrete facts. You were hired for your relationship expertise and you need the knowledge to back your know-how, not the other way around.

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Article by Tony Camarata, Product Manager for Stratasan

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