Star Platform Updates that Deliver Clarity, Confidence, and Support

Star Platform Updates that Deliver Clarity, Confidence, and Support

Improving the Process of Data Correction and Submission

By Steve Erro 

Stratasan’s tools were designed to help healthcare institutions grow with confidence. In order to deliver the best possible experience, we strive to always provide the following: 

  1. Clarity through data transparency and a world-class data process
  2. Confidence through technological expertise and comprehensive data insight
  3. Support resulting from our dedication to a positive customer experience

Our commitment to these deliverables can be seen through the continued enhancement of our data aggregation and reporting platform, Star. Stratasan’s Star Platform is a web-based offering that enables state hospital associations to expedite the submission, validation, and aggregation of their member facilities’ data.

Star users gain access to trustworthy data, delivered faster and in a more complete and accurate format. This data can be reliably used to make sound market decisions.

In this post, we share more about the updates made to this tool and how they’re closely aligned with our goals to deliver a unique level of clarity, confidence, and support to our customers.


Clarity: Refining the Way Users Make Data Corrections

Submitting data to the state can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for someone who is not intimately familiar with the nuanced nature of healthcare data. Our goal, for those who use our Star Platform for this purpose, is to make this process as seamless as possible. As we learn more from our users and how they like to work, we are making changes to provide optimum clarity during the data submission process.

One of the largest pain points for our users is when they have unexpected errors in their data. Of course, we’re happy to help when users reach out to us with issues, but we also want to equip them with tools that allow them to discern what might be happening in their data that could be causing a particular issue. 

In recent updates to Star, we’ve made small changes that will help provide such information and help to clarify issues that a user might be having with a submission. The following changes have been made and will be seen in the next submission period:

  • More information added to our Error Detail Report
  • Timestamps for reports displayed on the submission detail page
  • Updating to our Corrections UI logic system 
  • Tooltips for accepted values in the Corrections UI

After data is uploaded to Star, users often have to correct errors that are prohibiting them from approving data that Stratasan will pass on to the State. 

We have made improvements to our Error Detail Report that will help provide more context for why an error is occurring. Many times errors occur when two pieces of information don’t seem to make sense together. Examples of this would be a male patient with a maternity diagnosis code, or a foreign state abbreviation without a corresponding foreign ZIP code value.

In these cases, it’s important for the user to be shown the broader picture of why an error might be present. In recent updates to our Error Reports, we’ve done just that. The Error Reports now show more fields that are related to a specific audit. 


Along the same lines, we’ve made improvements to the Corrections UI to indicate exactly where errors are located. These indicators are already in use and look like red triangles with white exclamation marks in them. We’ve updated our system so that we can be more certain of fields that contain errors. Hopefully, users won’t see these indicators, but if they do, we hope these symbols bring clarity around the items that need correction.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 10.01.41 AM-1


Confidence: Knowing How to Handle the Information Available

Correcting issues isn’t always easy. This is especially true for submitters who aren’t analysts or data experts. Once errors are clearly identified, it’s extremely helpful if they can be quickly addressed and corrected with confidence. That’s why we’ve made a few additions to Star that will help provide users with the confidence they need to make the right decisions about their data.

Timestamps are now available in the Submission Detail Page next to the report they belong to. These timestamps are refreshed when the report is refreshed. This helps users know if the report that they have previously downloaded is the latest and greatest information. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 1.43.02 PM

We all get busy and are pulled away from our tasks; this is one way that we are trying to make it easier to pick up where you left off with confidence. 


Knowing what to correct can be just as challenging as knowing how to correct it, which is why we’ve created a tooltip in our Corrections UI so users can be confident in the changes they are making to an encounter. 

These tooltips look like information icons, blue circles with an “i” in the center, and can be hovered over or clicked on to display more information about a specific field. The information provided will be in the form of an allowed or expected value.

See below for a screenshot of how this update will appear in the tool.

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 2.56.28 PM copy

Equipped with these new features, users will be able to audit their data more easily and ensure their data is submitted on time. Look for these items during your next submission period to help inform your decisions so you can proceed with confidence. 


Support: We’re Always Here to Help

Our current Star Platform users know that our Customer Success Managers ensure a seamless onboarding and implementation process. But even for users who are well past the onboarding stage, our support team is ready to jump in and lend a hand to users in need. 

Our technical support team is on-hand to sustain fluid communication, transparency, and ongoing execution.

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say: 

"Seriously, y'all have the best customer service. And we love the chat feature. Y'all are so fast to respond that if we don't see the little typing bubbles, we worry about you all. 'OMG they aren't responding. Is there a fire? Is there a tornado? Are they okay?' Y'all are so awesome."

 - Mandie McMahon, Prime Healthcare

“Stratasan’s Star Platform is easy to use. Its straightforward website makes it easy to find what you need and submit or download your reports. Their customer service is quick to respond too!”

 - Quality Health Data Analyst, Gila Regional Medical Center

Our leading priority is to provide a level of data support that is so reliable, users can focus all their energy on market growth priorities.


The Takeaway

Our Star Platform was created to expedite the submission, validation, and aggregation of data to the state. These updates will make that process all the more efficient and ensure we stand by our commitment to deliver clarity, confidence, and support to our users.

If you’re a current Star Platform user with questions about these updates, contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to us at If you’re learning about the Star Platform for the first time and would like more information, then schedule a demo today.

Article by Steve Erro, Product Manager for Stratasan

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