The Value of a Data Aggregation Tool and Partner

The Value of a Data Aggregation Tool and Partner

The Benefits to Individual Hospitals and the Collective Network

By Chris Graff and Megan Reeves 

A seamless data aggregation process is a priority for any hospital association or state health department interested in equipping their members with reliable market data. The submission, validation, and approval of member facilities’ data should happen effortlessly behind the scenes. Yet for many associations, this process is anything but smooth.

The right data aggregation tool and partner will facilitate a better process, allowing associations to more effectively and efficiently provide their member hospitals with the data they need. In this post, we’ll discuss why the right tool or partner is critical for the overall improvement of healthcare data, as well as for individual hospitals that benefit from having access to more reliable data.


The Individual Value 

For an individual hospital, a good data aggregation tool or partner means data will be kept up to the standards required by the state. Individual hospitals benefit in the following ways:

Proper File Formats
An association may collect certain data elements, and the state may require other elements. A good data vendor will ensure that the right data elements are included in the file format for submission to the state agency. Other data elements can still be collected, but it’s key that the essential elements are submitted in a timely manner to the state.

Data Scrubbing
It’s key that hospitals submitting data trust the vendor or tool cleaning the data. Hospitals want to stay in compliance with the state and they need their data to be accurately transitioned to the state.

Data Issues Corrected
The best associations are in a continuous improvement process to make submitted data better based on what their members flag as important. The right data aggregation tool or partner will take steps to ensure that the issues flagged are addressed and that the data is trustworthy and clean. 


The Collective Value 

Extending beyond the scope of an individual hospital, good data aggregation is beneficial to the collective—to every hospital in the state. Access to a reliable aggregation tool is one of the many reasons why hospitals need their state associations. The more an individual hospital engages, the better for everyone. When noted trends arise that are impacting certain individual hospitals, they can be addressed through data aggregation for the betterment of all hospitals. For example, if there is inconsistency in physician detail being reported or if ER volume capture is a problem in the state, then by one hospital reporting these issues, corrections can be made that are beneficial to all hospitals using this data.

Having a good data aggregation tool or partner means that the overall dataset is better. The results are only as good as the quality going in—if the data tool or partner isn’t ensuring that the individual hospital data is the best it can be, the collective output won’t be good either. Similarly, if each individual submission is better, the overall result is a cleaner, more timely, more comprehensive dataset. 


The Takeaway

In order to be successful, hospital associations need their members to have the ability to submit, validate, and approve data submissions with ease. They need to have the ability to monitor data submission due dates and easily view the submission status of each of their member hospitals. If your current data aggregation partner or tool is not providing this level of service, then it may be time to consider Stratasan’s Star Platform.

The Star Platform is a web-based offering designed for hospital associations that collects claims data from member hospitals, returns data quality for validation, and allows for corrected data submissions—ultimately allowing state hospital associations the ability to more efficiently aggregate member hospital data. Star users then have access to trustworthy data, delivered faster and in a more complete and accurate format, that can be reliably used to make sound market decisions.

If your hospital association is in need of a trustworthy data aggregation partner, then schedule a discovery call with one of our experts today to learn more about the Star Platform.

By Chris Graff, Star Platform Manager, and Megan Reeves, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships for Stratasan 

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