The Value of Speedy Insights

The Value of Speedy Insights

Why It Helps to Get Good Intelligence Fast

By Morgan Atkins 

With some things, fast is just better. Fast food, fast cars, and strategic insights that are delivered fast so you can progress to the more important work of making decisions and implementing plans.  

The priority is for strategic intelligence to be good, sound, and reliable. But these requirements shouldn’t preclude you from a quick analysis and easy distribution.

With Stratasan's platform, you can access the latest intelligence and have it be easily shareable. As a result, your team will be more flexible and nimble when it comes to growth planning. 

There are major benefits to high-quality, streamlined strategic intelligence, which is something we keep top of mind in designing our platforms. We’ll discuss this idea further throughout this post.

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Create More Time for Other Valuable Work

A consistent theme we hear over and over from our clients is this: they don’t have enough time to do all the things they want and need to do. We designed our platforms with time-saving in mind since we know how challenging it can be for strategic planners to get quick, actionable intelligence. 

Below, learn more about these specific time-saving benefits:



How many hours and/or people does your team have devoted to reporting market share and updating it each quarter? What if, instead, market share reports could be updated automatically, without you having to do anything, literally anything?

With Stratasan’s market data visualization tool, Launch Pathway, you can update your market share by service line, product line, or by sub-product line, and these reports will automatically update as new data is available. 

Let’s reiterate that key time-saving note: once your reports are set up in Launch Pathway, it’s there and it’s auto-updating behind the scenes without you having to push another button.

This valuable feature will allow you to:

  • Develop growth plans more efficiently
  • Start seeing results sooner 

Aside from auto-updating reports, Launch Pathway will also save you countless hours combing through Excel data, help you pull market insights faster, and allow for more strategic live meeting facilitation


"This tool [Launch Pathway] is amazing! It is going to save me hours and hours of work every month!"

Kim Reynolds, Director of Planning & Marketing, Hamilton Healthcare System


Imagine saving hours of work every quarter - what could be done with that time?

Click here to read a first-hand account of how Launch Pathway is saving time for the team at Lexington Medical Center, as well as helping them grow their market share from 55.6 percent up to 58.5 percent over the last three years.


How long does it take your team to query data and see results? What if, instead, you had access to a user-friendly, approachable, and fast way to query data? 

Stratasan’s data-query tool, Blackbird, makes it possible for anyone to query complex datasets and get results in minutes, not hours. Blackbird makes complex data approachable for all skill levels, from the power analyst to the marketing planning team.

Blackbird was built with our customer’s most common use cases in mind and we’re constantly iterating and making improvements to keep up with the pace of healthcare.

When you don’t have to wait hours or days for every data query, you can start seeing and tracking progress in your market faster. You can try new things, pivot, and get creative.

This speed and flexibility allows our customers to embrace an iterative planning process. We’re big proponents for this kind of planning because it allows for adaptation as the year unfolds and ensures that your plans stay current and fresh. It includes ongoing results tracking so that teams can make changes as needed based on insights and findings.

Here are a few other time-saving features of Blackbird:

  • Users can clone previously run queries and easily add a crosswalk to bring in client-specific values
  • Easily select a range of data column(s) in a query and add them all at once instead of just one at a time
  • No need to worry about being able to see only one product line or one year at a time and having to stitch insights together - not with Blackbird!
  • Blackbird queries, when saved to a Gallery page (more on Gallery in the next section), auto-update when a data refresh happens

Waiting on a data query that’s taking too long is a draining process. With the right tools, you can save your mental energy and enable your team to stay nimble, flexible, and adaptable to the changes happening in your market.


Organizational alignment means that marketing, strategic planning, and physician relations teams are ALL aware of system-wide growth goals, they have a clear roadmap to follow, and they know what tools and systems are in place to help them to succeed. 

Click here for more on how to establish organizational alignment.

Proper alignment means there is always a clear next step for how to progress and meet incremental goals, and management is equipped with tools and strategies to keep teams focused and motivated.

We often see hospital teams getting caught in the weeds, spending the majority of their time in the data: interpreting it, cleaning it, updating it, trying to make sense of it. This leaves less and less time for the higher, more strategic levels of data analysis and planning. 

We can help your team overcome these alignment issues and get the insights needed for growth with our intelligence sharing tool, Gallery. Gallery makes it possible to centralize reporting across your organization and ensures all team members are on the same page. 

We can foster alignment through data, too, including our Data Processing, a streamlined method for transforming data into actionable intelligence. We also provide unprecedented flexibility and access to data details, such as the claim-level detail available with our All-Payer Claims data. This allows for faster, more transparent access to physician referral and patient leakage tracking. 

When an organization is equipped with the right tools and data services, all team members can work from the same intelligence—service area, time frame, and product lines—and the entire organization benefits from the efficiencies that come with consistent reporting.


The Takeaway

Our company promise is that our clients will see real value from healthcare data sooner than they ever thought possible.

And we love to hear when this happens. 

After giving us an NPS score of a 10, one customer recently shared this feedback: “Stratasan is very easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly. The reports run quickly and can be exported in multiple programs."

If your team is interested in implementing more automation, adaptability, and alignment, then let’s talk. Schedule time to meet with one of our team members and find out how our solutions will enable your team to access valuable insights faster than ever before.

Article by Morgan Atkins, VP of Products and Innovation for Stratasan

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