Top 5 Popular Strategic Growth Blog Posts from 2016

Top 5 Popular Strategic Growth Blog Posts from 2016

We hope it’s been a wonderful year of growth and learning through Stratasan's Strategic Growth blog series. As we close out the year, we thought it would be helpful to share the 5 most popular blog posts from 2016. These posts received the most hits and seemed to provide the most helpful strategic growth guidance to you, our readers.

If you’re traveling over the holidays, this is a great way to review helpful blog posts that you may have missed or revisit your favorites for fresh insight.


Increase Marketing ROI: Use Data to Focus Your Outreach

By Lee Ann Lambdin

Most hospital and health system marketing and planning teams are familiar with the basics of strategic growth planning. This includes ensuring that your mission is favorable to growth, creating measurable goals, and developing a well-planned strategy for execution.

But even with a great strategic growth plan in place, success is not a guarantee. Oftentimes, teams get off track during the process of executing their well-laid plans. In fact, around 70% of failure can be attributed to bad execution rather than bad strategy.

When executing a marketing strategy, you can increase your marketing ROI and have a better chance of successfully reaching your strategic growth goals by ensuring a few key strategies are in place.

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Demographics: Key Considerations When Placing Urgent and Primary Care Clinics

Strategic Planning and Site Placements

By: Morgan Atkins

With so much competition for patients among healthcare providers, picking a convenient, attractive spot for your new facility is crucial. If you are not targeting the right demographic for your clinic, all other considerations are essentially irrelevant. As covered in an earlier post, we’ve considered six key factors for the successful placement of a new primary care or urgent care clinic. In this post, we will take a deeper look at the sixth consideration: demographics.
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Best Practices for Physician Recruitment and Data Sensitivity

by Tony Camarata

The misuse of physician recruitment data has become big business for the Department of Justice. Since January 2009, the DOJ has recovered a total of more than $25 billion through False Claims Act cases, with more than $16 billion of that amount recovered in cases involving fraud against federal healthcare programs. In the face of this increasing enforcement activity, thoughtful understanding and appropriate implementation of referral and recruitment data is more important than ever.  
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Avoid Healthcare Map Missteps by Properly Using Legends, Titles, Scale Bars, and Sources

By Jason Haley

Most people who see healthcare maps every day don’t give much thought to their content and cartographic execution. Titles display the purpose of a healthcare map, scale bars display distance, sources explain where the data originated, and legends identify the attributes on a map. All of these cartographic elements combined embody the important final touches that make healthcare maps readable and useful. Cartographic elements help those looking at the map understand the various layers and data without having to concentrate, ask questions, or decipher. This is why the choices made on the final touches of healthcare maps are the most essential part of the map-making process.
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Know Your Customer Like Never Before, Part 2: Targeting Older (40+) Rural Populations

By Jason Haley


Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation is diverse and quite different depending on the part of the country in which you live. Tapestry was designed specifically to understand customer’s lifestyle choices – what they buy and how they spend their free time. This information gives Stratasan, and our clients, insights that help identify facility’s patient types, optimal sites for hospitals, physician offices, FSERS, and urgent care locations. We use the Tapestry Segmentation dataset to help our clients get higher response rates, focus on the most profitable growth opportunities, and invest their resources in the best ways possible.
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We hope the Strategic Growth blog series has helped you (and your business!) grow more strategically this year. We have a ton of fantastic content lined up for 2017 that we look forward to sharing.


If there are topics you would like us to cover more in depth in 2017, send those ideas to


Happy Holidays from the team at Stratasan and best wishes for a productive and growth focused 2017!

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