Stratasan's Most Popular Blogs of 2019

Stratasan's Most Popular Blogs of 2019

We hope it’s been an incredible year of learning through Stratasan's Strategic Growth blog series. We said goodbye to a dear friend, learned the secrets of the DIKW pyramid, uncovered innovative solutions to the healthcare revenue crisis, and much more.

As we close out the year, we thought it would be helpful to share the five most popular blog posts from 2019. These posts received the most views and seemed to provide useful growth guidance to you, our readers. If you’re traveling over the holidays or just enjoying some downtime before the new year begins, check out these posts that you may have missed or revisit your favorites for fresh insight.


Founder's Perspective: Builder of People

by Jason Moore

melissa-waddey-nashville-tn-obituaryThe world lost a special person with the passing of Melissa “Isse” Waddey, former President of LifePoint Health and a dear friend to the Stratasan team. She was a Builder of People and she profoundly changed the lives of so many. In this post, hear from Stratasan's founder and CEO as he shares about the impact Melissa made and the legacy she left behind. 

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How to Make the Right Data-Driven Decisions

The Secrets of the DIKW Pyramid

by Jason Moore

Within the healthcare landscape, change is constant. As a result, growth departments—whether they be strategic planning, marketing, business development, or physician relations—must make informed, data-driven decisions that can keep pace with the rate of change. Stratasan views the DIKW pyramid as the best and most philosophically accurate way for leaders to make these decisions.

In this post, we'll breakdown what each letter of this pyramid represents and discuss how to spend more time in the Knowledge and Wisdom space, where the best decisions are made.

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Innovative Solutions to the Healthcare Revenue Crisis

How Leaders Can Look Within for Answers

By Morgan Atkins

With healthcare industry changes, many hospitals are searching for new revenue streams to diversify their income. Many are innovatively thinking and looking inward for opportunities to capitalize. In this post, we list several ways to uncover new opportunities and highlight hospitals already leading by example.

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[Infographic] The Reality of ER Wait Times

How Long Will You Wait for Care?

by Dave Sellers

Emergency departments are responsible for about half of all hospital admissions, according to a recent study. Meanwhile, the number of emergency departments is down about 11%. As a result, many people in need of emergency care are waiting longer to see a doctor.

Aware of these stats, we were curious about how long patients are really waiting to be seen. This infographic shares what we learned as we analyzed trends in ER wait times around the United States.

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The Annual Strategic Plan is Dead

See Better Results with A Year-Round Planning Process

by Jason Moore

Hospitals have traditionally created an annual strategic plan as a road map for achieving growth goals. While well-intentioned and inspiring, this form of planning often fails to produce meaningful results, leading many to question its value. In this post, we'll discuss why the annual planning model no longer works, why a flexible approach is better, and how to help your organization embrace this new way of thinking. 

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We hope Stratasan’s Strategic Growth blog series has helped you (and your business!) grow more strategically this year. We have a ton of fantastic content lined up for 2020 that we look forward to sharing.

Until then, Happy Holidays from the team at Stratasan and best wishes for a productive and growth-focused 2020!


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