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Encouraging Diversity in Tech for Future Generations

Posted by Lisa French on Nov 5, 2019 8:34:38 PM

Takeaways from Our Partnership with McKissack Middle School

By Stephanie Johnson and Lisa French

The Stratasan team was honored to partner with McKissack Middle School and the Nashville Technology Council (NTC) for a “Traveling Tech Day.” Pictured below are members of the Stratasan team with the McKissack teachers and students who participated.

During their four hour visit with our team, students were able to engage in the following:

  • Office tour and team introductions
  • Improv icebreaker that demonstrated how better products and services are created when we listen to and build upon the ideas of others
  • Exercise in turning ideas into sellable and supportable products
  • Lunch where members of the Stratasan team joined and shared what they do and how they got to where they are

In this post, we’ll share our key learnings and the takeaways that make us hopeful for a more diverse future in tech.

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