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Identify Referral Leakage and Outmigration Pain Points

Posted by Michael Shipley on Mar 7, 2022 2:56:17 PM

Leveraging Stratasan’s ZIP5 Patient Origin Modeling

By Michael Shipley, Morgan Atkins

Stratasan recently began offering a new capability: ZIP5 analysis of our All-Payer Claims Database. This capability will help you better assess critical business performance in areas such as outmigration and referral tracking.

Stratasan assigns a ZIP5 to patient IDs in order to provide our partners with an enhanced level of granularity. The ZIP5 assignment is for All-Payer Claims 837 submit data since that is the data being rolled up to the ZIP. This modeling is based on the patient’s observed healthcare utilization from All-Payer Claims Data (APCD). In this blog, we’ll discuss our methodology for ZIP5 modeling, but first, let’s begin by discussing why this level of insight is useful.

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