💛 We’re Here for You!

💛 We’re Here for You!

The COVID-19 virus has turned all of our lives upside-down, but in your role as healthcare providers, you're experiencing stresses and concerns that you've never faced before. Our team stands in awe of the courageous work you’re doing. You’re the unsung heroes, sacrificing so much to care for your community. For that, we applaud you!

The Stratasan team is here to offer our help in any way we can. Working from our home offices, we will continue to provide you the same level of support we always have, now just with a slightly altered focus. To that end, here are a few ways we hope to be of assistance:

  • Uninterrupted Service: More than two weeks ago, our team made the call to work from home to protect the safety of our clients, employees, and families. Thankfully, this transition has been a (mostly) seamless one. We continue to work on your behalf; looking for ways to support your strategic efforts.
  • Market Reimbursement Insights: We recently launched a platform that will ensure you’re getting the highest reimbursement rates possible. Be better equipped to effectively manage payer negotiations. If this sounds like something you could use in this season of financial upheaval, let's talk about how to get you access as an early adopter. Simply reply to this email or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information. 
  • Ongoing Customer Support: Our team is here, ready to help you drive strategy forward during these difficult times. We’d also really like to hear how we can most effectively support your teams right now. We’ve created this short survey, and we welcome you to take a few minutes to let us know specifically what you need from us. 
  • Working from Home; not Alone: Working from home all the time is a new normal for most of us. In an effort to help, we've compiled our best suggestions in this blog for how to be productive and stay sane in this season.

It’s our hope that you and your family are safe and healthy, well-stocked with all the necessary supplies, and drawing encouragement from a caring circle of family and friends….from a safe distance, of course. If there is any way we can support you during this time, please let us know. Even if there’s no concrete request or idea, please reach out. We’d love to hear how you’re doing.

We wish you good health and peace of mind in this season.


Jason Moore, Founder & CEO

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