Young Invincibles Are No-Show for the Party

Young Invincibles Are No-Show for the Party

Based on the HHS's self-reported data on people who actually signed up for the Marketplace, the Young Invincibles (8.8%) did not show up to the party.  Comparing the actual age segments of the population from 2000 to 2012 shows just how quickly our population is aging and straining the Healthcare system already.  The current Marketplace is an inverted pyramid which translates into a very scary fulcrum to keep the balance intact.  The theory of population health management states that if we can get enough young healthy people in the base of the pyramid, it will support the demands of the more senior population.

When we looked at the Marketplace’s new age data released today and it became obvious to us that the plans can not sustain this much "greying" in their membership and still make money.

What do you think are potential solutions to this problem?

The next big shocker will of course be that the uninsured haven’t signed up. We should get this data by February. Stay Tuned.

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